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Search engine optimization is of greater importance. The majority of us use search engines to discover answers to our questions on the internet. It makes SEO essential for the success of any business site. We can optimize our website for Search engines by tweaking the elements and content of web pages. Finding a position in the first five search results of Google is necessary to bring more traffic to your business site.

Search engine optimization can help you in this regard. Your web-building platform can help you in optimizing your web pages. This brief will explain how React platform can hold back your search engine optimization task. You will be able to understand the influential factors of JavaScript Web pages affecting React SEO.

How Google Will Rank Your Site?

React SEO

Google bots can glance at everything on your site. It is capable of examining and evaluating all of the content on your web pages. You can choose the list of pages available for Google bots by listing them in the robots.txt file.

Google bots are capable of reading and grasping the content. After studying the information available in your web content Google bots will index your web page. Google bots will collect data from your website and store it in the Google index database. You must write your content in such a way that Google Bots can understand it. Whenever we search for something in Google, it will access the Google index database to find the web page with relevant information. Now we can understand the importance of indexing your website. 

What are all the Indexing Issues Related to React.js JavaScript?React Js

Indexing is important in optimizing your web page for search engines. We use JavaScript for crafting your web pages. While using React js platform for designing your website, you may encounter certain indexing problems that we need to resolve. However, React.js can provide a better user experience for visitors.

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Passive and Intricate Indexing

We all know that indexing plays a major role in ranking your website in search engine results. The creation of a Google index database is handled by Google bots. These database facts can help your website rank higher. HTML pages are the only ones that Google bots are capable of recognizing. It will take more time to examine and index pages created with JavaScript languages like React.js.

JavaScript Code Errors

The occurrence of errors in HTML will create less influence in indexing the page. You can resolve the HTML errors easily. But JavaScript errors are tough to diagnose. One error in the JavaScript program can affect the entire code structure. It makes indexing the JavaScript page more complicated. JavaScript web pages created with React.js can make the page irresponsive and inoperative.  

Crawling Budget

Google bots are having limitations on the number of pages they can crawl at a certain time limit. Web pages built with JavaScripts like React.js are slower. To access site material, Google bots must wait a long time. Loading, interpreting, and executing Javascript will take longer. The Google bots will not index the page as a result.

Indexing of Single Page Applications

The web pages we create with React.js are Single page applications. These applications will have a single page with essential data. All the other data will be built over this single page. As the web content is loaded later, Google bots may find an empty page while crawling on your web page for indexing. It can make your website ranked low in the search engine.

How to optimize your React website for search engines?

We have certain restrictions in optimizing our websites for search engines while we are creating them with JavaScript programs like React.js. We can overcome setbacks in SEO React with the aid of the following methods.

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Sometimes the Google bots will not be able to render your JavaScript web pages. To avoid this error and to index your React.js web page, you can use Pre-rendering technique. Pre-renderers can monitor all the access requests of your website. If it identifies a request from Google Bots, It can send a cached static HTML copy of your website. It can make the indexing of your web page easier enable React SEO to gain a better ranking in search results.

Homomorphic React Apps

Another effective method of avoiding indexing errors is by running it as a server-side application. You can run the web applications created with React.js on both client and server sides. Running a JavaScript application on the server-side will enable us to create a cached copy of your business site. This HTML cached copy of your site can be easily rendered and indexed by Google bot. Isomorphous React SEO apps can run on both the client and server-side environment as required for website indexing.  

Server-Side Rendering

JavaScript web pages are difficult to index by Google bot. Sometimes Google bots may read empty web pages or web pages with less data while trying to index them. It may influence the searching engine ranking of your site. You can render your website on the server-side to resolve this issue. Server-side rendering can create an HTML cached copy of your site that can be sent to Google bots or any other user when your page is not responsive.

Bottom Line

React.JS is the best JavaScript platform for designing your web pages. It will provide you dynamic and engaging web layout for your business site. However, SEO React will have some issues in ranking your website in search engines. We have briefed the solutions for resolving JavaScript indexing errors. We believe that this brief will assist you in gaining a better search engine ranking for your website.


  1. Is React JS good for SEO?

React JS is having advanced features for crafting your website. You have to use it properly for creating SEO friendly business site. Technical expertise is necessary to optimize your website for search engines.

  1. How can I do SEO for my Website?

You have to improve the title tags and enhance the keyword placements in your content to make your website SEO friendly. Placing active links and regularly updating your website’s content can also aid in search engine optimization.

  1. Can Google Crawl React Sites?

Google bot is capable of crawling and indexing large React sites. You have to optimize your React.js site with server-side rendering, and pre-rendering options to make it suitable for Google bots. It can enhance your search engine ranking.

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