5 Essential SEO Tips For More Optimized Imagery On Your Website

Your customers and the leading search engines both value optimized imagery. If you are seeking maximum findability and conversion, you should start focusing on image optimization for your website.

 A Little Something About Image Optimization

When you optimize images for search engines, you don’t just reduce the size of your photos and increase your website loading speed. You make them a critical tool in your SEO strategy. These can be used strategically to make your websites rank higher on Google and other search engines as well.

Following Are A Few SEO Tips That Are Essential To Optimize Your Imagery And Make Your Online Presence Stronger

Relevant And High-Definition Images


To enhance the end-user experience, choose imagery that is relevant to your offerings. Say no to any blurred or badly cropped photographs. Clear and crisp images with high quality appear more professional and your website becomes a work of art. You need to commit some time to each of your pages and make sure that each of your photos is unique and attractive.

Customized File Names


Not everyone knows this but it is one of the most useful tips you could ever come across. Before you add any image on your website, make sure that you have given it a customized filename. Change it to something that contains your focus or primary keyword. Relate the filename with the contents of the page as much as you can. This will give the leading search engines a little more data about what product or information is being displayed on any particular page

Image SEO Trivia

A lot about search optimization that you have come to understand is primarily about text and focus keywords. You forget how important images are when it comes to ranking your website. There is a huge part of your user base that is going to look for imagery and videos as well when making their first purchase with you. A website that has a white background and written text all over it is not going to come across as authentic or genuine. If you compare it with a website that has trustworthy and memorable images, the latter is going to take the cake hands down. The right images can:

  •         Make your website content more engaging and powerful 
  •         Enhance the overall experience of your user 
  •         Attract the attention of Google’s algorithms 
  •         Reduce bounce rates from your website 
  •         Increase the time spent by visitors on your web page

Be Careful With Alt Attributes

It is very essential to give relevant alt attributes to your images. Whenever a browser cannot find an image or render it properly, the alt attributes of that image are displayed to the user. They are also useful for web accessibility. Your user can see the alt attribute text whenever they hover over a rendered image in their browser. This alt attribute text should contain relevant SEO terms as well if you want to enhance the visibility of your website. This is going to help you rank better in the leading search engines. It is also one of the best ways to make your eCommerce products show up on Google image search.

Resize Your Images


If you are considering resizing or reducing the size of your images, make sure to do the following:

  • Compress the image using high-end software without compromising its quality or pixelating it 
  • Change the format to the JPG file type to maintain color accuracy and sharpness
  • Match the aspect ratio of your images with the margins of your website
  • Try to create unique images for every page on your website
  • Accompany all images with relevant product descriptions

Image SEO Trivia

Remember, almost 50% of your consumers are not going to wait even 3 seconds for your website to load. If you look at the Global average, the data is even more surprising. In a recent study, Amazon found out that by just a delay of 1 second in their page load times they were losing business worth more than $1.6 billion a year. Google already uses the page load time of a website as its ranking factor in its algorithm. This is how the right size of your images can impact your load times and overall ranking. Needless to mention, if your website is taking too long to load you could bid your customers goodbye.

Image Optimization Done Right – How Is It Good For Your Ranking?

Before we move on to the conclusive tip, let’s understand how image SEO impacts your online presence through a few stat

  • According to Moz, image search comprises about 30% of all internet queries across the US
  • Over one-third of all search keywords today contain Google images, says SeoClarity
  • Google says that more than 1 billion queries are made in Google images every single day
  • Pinterest has recorded over 600 million searches every single month
  • More than 34% of all search results conducted on Google are returned by images, says Econsultancy
  • Tweets that have relevant images receive 150% more retweets according to crazy eggs

Now, isn’t that amazing?

Avoid Copyright Issues


Now, this is something that a lot of you tend to ignore. Regardless of what your image file type is and how well optimized your overall photograph collection is, there should be absolutely no copyright conflict. Do you know that Skechers got sued for a whopping $2.5 million for an image copyright suit? If you do not have a license to use any particular image, refrain from uploading it on your website at all.


Remember that any content on your website which is optimized with images is going to increase user engagement by almost 90%. On average, people tend to forget 90% of the information they have consumed over 72 hours if it lacks any imagery at all. By adding a nice picture to it, you can help them recall close to 65% of that content very easily. Now, should you optimize your images for your website? This is a total no-brainer, wouldn’t you say?

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