Creating A New Game? Here Are Some Handy Tips For Novice Developers

It is a well-known fact that creating an innovative game for professionals and video game junkies out there is no piece of cake. The process is much more than just coming up with a new concept and learning the code language.

According to industry professionals, until you have a full-fledged game that is ready to launch, you literally have to put in all your heart and soul in the creation process.

Also, it should come as no surprise that video game development has grown significantly faster in the past ten years and is continuing to boom since then.

So, if you are also looking forward to being a part of such a growing and creative industry, here’s something that’ll benefit you right from the start. Let’s take a quick look.

Design for your users

According to professional gamers, one thing that excites them about a new game is its user experience or UX. It won’t be wrong to say that it is the entire essence of your game. A complicated or difficult-to-understand interface might be frustrating for the players.

For instance, suppose you are designing a game for kids that fall under the age group of 10-12 years. In that case, you can’t expect them to love your highly complicated game. So, your best bet is to always consider keeping things simple, organized, and consistent with your new game. Create a user-friendly interface keeping in mind your audience.

Focus on relating your game with the players

Anything that makes players grab their consoles and plug in your game is considered as the hook of the game. It can be anything from the story and characters to mechanics and aesthetics. Also, you need to make sure that your game is efficient enough to connect with the players. And by this, we mean that you need to focus on the locals of a particular region and what they would like to enjoy in your game.

And that’s where localizing your video game comes to play. In simple words, it is something that makes a video game accessible for players living in different locations. It makes the players feel as though the video game was created for a particular area. In a nutshell, video game localization consists of some language-related steps, which include translations of dialogues and instructions in the native language. Also, it changes the entire feel of the video game according to the location it is being played.

Pick the right sounds for the game

For someone who is crazy about video games can relate to the fact that sounds play an important role in keeping them hooked. Regardless of the game type, creating the right sounds at the right time is definitely a significant part of the entire gameplay experience.

As a developer, you should know that the entire motive of adding sounds to the game is to simplify and make navigation fun for the players. It can also help in serving an implicit direction to the players by giving them cues. Not to mention that it highlights the outcomes of the player’s actions. All in all, adding sounds to your game will help in setting a mood and creating an ambiance for the players

Uplift the aesthetics with something viral

According to industry professionals, if you are looking forward to making a mark with your game in the industry, you need to make everything in it appealing to the masses. And this can be done by adding some viral trends to the video game and making it more catchy.

Look at it this way, when something goes viral on the internet, you automatically become more interested to know more about it. You need to leverage that for your game and make the characters, levels, and mechanics more and more intriguing to your gaming audience. Try to use as many trending topics, rewards, and memes to uplift your game’s aesthetic appeal.

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Prioritize fun in the game

Fun fact: No one wants to play a boring game.

In fact, the whole dynamics of the gaming industry works on entertainment. And your game shouldn’t be an exception to it. You can add different elements to your game to make it more entertaining. And you also need to focus on making your game stand out by adding some unique characteristics and mechanics that uplifts the entertainment part.

For instance, try coming up with intriguing stories for your game or creating remarkable characters. You can also consider using a new and exciting way to interact with the players. And you can always use the element of surprise to provoke emotional responses. The idea is to captivate your players with a unique design style that makes them go crazy after they are done playing your video game.

It’s all about the marketing

Imagine this, you’ve planned your game and used your coding knowledge to bring everything together into motion. Now what? You need your video game to reach out to your audience. This means that you have to switch your mode from a developer to a businessperson. The only way to make your new game popular is to adopt some functional marketing strategies. You can even count yourself lucky as there are multiple marketing channels and techniques you can adopt today to fulfill your purpose.

If you want to start low-key, you can always use social media campaigns and hashtags to make your game go viral. You can also create a sense of urgency by using phrases like “coming soon” or “the countdown begins.” Start posting screenshots and videos with relevant hashtags, and you’ll be good to go. It would be definitely a cherry on the top of the cake if you associated yourself with professional marketing experts who can make your game popular amongst your audience.

Final Words,

By now, you might have understood that to launch a game and bring it to success, there’s so much you need to do. But if you know what to do next, everything becomes a bit easier. So, use the tips mentioned above and launch your new game like a pro.

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