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Concerning the constraints given below and all rules you find here, you may use the content available and obtain the same only for your usage. Probably, you will not use these articles in any commercial posts or write-ups.

Admissible Use

All the posts and content available on our platform are for enriching the knowledge base of individuals. You should, in any case, reproduce or reuse the information available on our site for any commercial posting. In many circumstances, you are not authentic to use this site in any illegal, harmful, and fraudulent endeavors.

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You Should Not:

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All the guidelines and rules of our blog site are logical and credible. By accessing this site, you are accepting to the directives and ordinances of the blog. If you find any rules of site contradictory to your concern, you don’t need to use this site with disapproval.

Illegitimate Terms

The content and information available are genuine works of individual experts. The validity of all other posts available in the blog site will not be counterfeit, even if you find certain content available on the forum as enforceable.

Violating the Terms and Conditions

In no circumstances, users are allowed to violate the rules of Techidology. If lawbreaking activities find will lead to a restriction of access to the blog site. Persistent acts of illegality will result in blocking your entry to the site or restricting your access to the internet with the help of your service provider.


You declare to Techidology and agree that you will be redeeming any loss, damage, liabilities, or expenses made by you. The costs you caused to Techidology because of your act of wrongdoing should be repaid with suitable compensation as framed by the site.

Accepting Guest Post

Techidology can accept and post content from their guest. A team of editors will scrutinize all your work, and techidology has the full right to reject your article if it is found irrelevant. Copying or rewriting the existing content may leads to eventually dismissal of your work. Once published, all the rights to the content will be with the Techidology, and you should not post the article anywhere else. we must suggest downloading images from unsplash.

Changes in Terms and Conditions

Techidology may update or change the above-said rules. Any variation in the regulations will come to implementation from the date of publications. The Techidology doesn’t need to inform its user about the changes. The users can go through this page to find updates in the terms and conditions of the site.


If you find any of the rules of the site unlawful, it will not affect the legality of other laws found here. All other lawful regulations will be active, and the user has to follow them. In no case, Techidology will entertain the violation of the laws.

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