6 Alarming Signs It’s A Time To Redesign Your Website

A lot has changed in the past twenty years. Smartphones have become an indispensable part of everyday life, and phone books have been replaced with the digital age. Shopping malls are also affected by the emergence of e-commerce websites.

As technology changes our lives indefinitely, which means the way people do business and interact with customers also changes. Nowadays, businesses focus on more attractive and interactive website designs that can engage customers for a longer duration and lead to a lead magnet.

If you are too using the business website, either for sale or to provide information, great!. But, if you are facing a high bounce rate, low ranking on major search engines, irrespective of following all the SEO strategies, it means it’s an alarming sign for a website redesign. Here are some more reasons for a website redesign solution for online business success.

Your Website Looks Old

Website designs change very quickly. New themes look visually appealing and attract more customers. If you look at functionality, the easy call-to-action button can help customers to connect with your brand. Even when you are running an e-commerce store, your customers demand easy-to-cart options and an appealing website layout. It can motivate users for impulsive shopping.

Modern website themes work with minimal coding. You just need to choose a website with the right theme that suits your business requirements, then drag and drop configuration features can solve all your purposes. To save business costs, you can download free premium Squarespace templates that help you to customize websites as per your demand. You can also check the live preview to know how your Website will look after building. Most importantly, modern templates are clean with exemplary navigation.

Your Website Uses Flash

If you renovated your Website in the past few years, there are high chances that flash will still run on your Website. Earlier it was a very popular strategy to grab the user’s attention. But, now, the scenario has been completely changed. People do not like to see a flash on the screen that distracts them from the main information. Moreover, flash has many other disadvantages, such as flash consumes lots of power, slows down your browser. From security issues, flash has a long history of security flaws, malware, and bug attacks.

When Steve Jobs banned flash for mobile devices, the demand for flash on mobile responsive websites reduced. So, if your Website still has flash, it would be better to adhere to changes for security and conformity.

Your Website is Not SEO-friendly

Days are gone when search engine optimization was not important. Now proper SEO helps you to see your business on top-rated search engine results. Otherwise, customers won’t be able to locate your business.

Modern website designs are easy to optimize, as developers designed them to keep SEO performance in mind. The simple and innovative languages can help Google to understand your Website’s purpose. Therefore, these are easy to rank on the top ten google search results.

Your Website Makes a Snail Seem Fast

Googlebot hates websites that take a long time to load. Google considers such Websites in minus points for ranking. According to a study, a one-second delay in page loading speed can lead to a 7% less conversion rate. Therefore, it is essential to look at major culprits that affect its speed. The most common reason for Website slow speed is too many images and several lines of useless code.

New website templates require fewer codes. Therefore, your web content loads at a blazing speed. So, find out your Website’s page speed and choose a complete redesign model.

Your Website Looks Weird on Mobile Devices

Internet usage trends have dramatically changed in the past few years. Most users spend several hours on their mobile phones to search for their needs and luxury items. Hence, it becomes essential for every business to have a mobile-friendly website. And with the plethora of screen sizes, the resolution must fit perfectly on each of them.

There are two ways to deal with this issue. The first is to replace your current website design with a mobile-friendly web design. The second is to Google APP, an open-source framework that helps the sites to load quickly. Most users go with the first option, as it helps to deal with other mentioned above troubles.

Your Website unable to Convert Leads into Sales

Every business aims to inform potential customers about business products and services that help to convert leads into sales. If your business website is unable to solve this purpose, you have to renovate your Website. Some of the common factors affecting conversion rates are;

  • Dull and less-interactive landing pages
  • Website information does not match with PPC promises
  • CTA button is not in the right place
  • Lack of appropriate information

When you are struggling with all these factors, it’s high time to revamp the site and give it a new look.

Important Tips for Website Renovation

Website renovation is not a cause for worry. Even the biggest websites undergo minor changes from time to time such as appealing looks or better functionality. One thing you must consider is to plan everything wisely. These involve;

  1. Create a list of website aspects you are looking for changes. Some of the common issues are replacing flash and making your Website look more attractive.
  2. Similarly, make a list of must-have items on your Website. These can be easy to navigate features, speed, and other functionality features that you want to see in the new layout.
  3. Choose a website template that matches your business requirements. If you want to save a few bucks, look for free templates that are easy to use.
  4. While migrating your Website, it will be advisable to take it down for some time. Otherwise, it can lead to a big shock for your users while operating.
  5. If you want to change a website URL, you must have a complete list of details required to revamp the web URL.
  6. Your Website takes time to change depending on the level of changes. But if you go with code changes, it may take longer.

Hope the above information helps you to redesign your Website, but if you are a newbie, you can also take assistance from professional web developers for faster and reliable results.

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