How to Choose the Best Website Redesigning Company in the USA?

When you’re planning to hire a web designer, you want the finest to be in charge of the project. There are no two ways about it – Only the best, forget the rest! 

If you don’t happen to have one in-house, or you feel like a change from your previous web design company, get ready for some big game hunting. 

You’re looking at a large investment, not just in dollar terms, but also of time and effort, because you can’t afford to choose an also-ran agency. Choosing the best website redesigning company in the USA must be approached systematically and strategically. 

Does Your Website Need Redesigning?

Before you launch your search for the right website redesigner/redesign company, it’s important to do some deep analysis and reflection. 

Ask yourself the question, “Does your website really need redesigning?”

It may require a makeover if:

  • The last time it was redesigned was more than two or three years ago. Technology, tastes, preferences and needs are highly dynamic today and if your website hasn’t kept pace with these, it’s time for a change.
  • Your website doesn’t reflect the changes your business has undergone in terms of product lines, new locations, new entrants to the team, rebranding, growth, expansion, different target audiences. 
  • It doesn’t support the latest content marketing strategy making it difficult for visitors to find your website on the Net.
  • Your website isn’t optimized for SEO since it was developed using dynamic URLs or templates. This means you have to install new and more SEO-optimized coding and the latest CMS. 
  • Mobile visitors are rare on your website. This can spell disaster to any business, because today, more than 90% of mobile users rely on their smartphones to browse the internet. If your site doesn’t have a responsive design and isn’t configured for mobile devices, you’re losing a lot of business. 
  • Your website loading speed is sluggish and lethargic. Studies show that slow-loading websites result in losses of nearly $2.6 billion annually. Slow speeds may occur because of a huge volume of images that haven’t been optimized, JavaScript problems, excessive Flash content and HTTP requests, or it’s not utilizing caching, the code isn’t clean enough, if it doesn’t make use of gZip compression features, it’s loaded with too much advertising material, or finally, you’ve just got bad hosting service. Redesign will fix these issues.
  • Ultimately, do you love your own website? If the design looks outdated or makes you cringe every time you log in, or if your competitor’s website gives you sleepless nights, your website doesn’t reflect the quality and range of your services, it’s certainly time for a new look. 

Finding The Best Website Redesigning Company

In 2018, there were more than 23 million web designers in the US. Many of them work as freelancers, while others are part of a web services design and web development company. 

As a business owner, you probably deal with marketing companies and digital service providers. With web design or web development company being a popular career choice, you may personally know developers/designers in your family or friends circle. 

Before you begin your search for a website redesign company, keep these tips in mind:

  • Amateurs and fresh entrants may offer cheaper rates, but their inexperience will certainly show in the architecture. You could end up spending more in the long run.
  • Cheaper design quotes could also mean that the company cuts corners as far as the following processes are concerned. They may make serious errors, leading to reworking and ultimately, longer hours billed. 
  • Website redesign projects are fraught with risks. You could end up throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Many inexperienced designers don’t have enough SEO training and could simply bypass this step in the design process, damaging your traffic numbers.  In the process, if you lose your SEO or your search engine rankings, it’s going to be a long haul once again. 
  • Trusting the redesign project to a completely new design company could result in serious misalignment. If you had a loyal and substantial pool of customers/visitors earlier, you could turn them off with unfamiliar fonts, colors, bolder design elements, different placement of buttons, etc. 

What Sets The Best Apart From The Rest?

1. Awards and Accolades: Brilliant design and tech expertise combine to create award-winning designs. If the redesign company has consistently won awards for design, this means that their quality and performance have been acknowledged by the industry.

2. Portfolio: If the website redesign company you choose has a great track record and an amazing portfolio, look deeper. Don’t go by just screenshots and a glossy brochure. Check their work personally. Look for not just superb design elements, confirm that they’ve worked with a wide variety of industries, sizes of websites and different types of design projects. This is a good indication of the challenges that they’ve conquered.

3. Services: The reason you’ve chosen a company and not a freelancer is because you expect to work with a one-stop-shop. Ensure that the company you choose offers the full suite of services, from development and design to help with marketing, maintenance, support and troubleshooting, SEO, PPC (pay per click) management, responsive design and coding etc.

4. Track record: Check with other clients and customers of the redesign company you want to work with. You can contact them directly and request feedback, or check testimonials on the redesign company’s website. Keep a look out for loyal clients, long-standing projects, higher client-retention rates, etc. This can be a confirming factor when you add up the positives.

5. Success: Their own business success is a definite indication of their capability, performance and capacity to work on your project. Look at specific redesign projects that they’ve undertaken. Keep a special eye out for work done in your sector of business or industry. This can help you choose a company that is relatively new in the field, but seems to be on a growth trajectory.

6. Creativity and Innovation: The company you choose should focus clearly on creativity, along with a clear understanding of new technologies. What may look like a cool design right now will get outdated in a couple of years. With the age and demographic profile of visitors and customers changing by the day, technology undergoing enormous shifts and the needs and preferences of business owners trying to keep pace, it can be a challenge to keep in step. Select a website redesign company that has a strong focus on cutting-edge innovation and creativity.

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