Top 7 Social Media Marketing Tools For Your Business Presence

You already know how important social media has become to increase brand awareness, conversions, and generate leads. More and more people have turned to social media for their businesses and it has become a regular part of our daily lives. Social media platforms are flooded with new businesses which make up for the pressure of brand awareness and visibility. 

Great social media doesn’t happen overnight and there’s no sure cut recipe that works for every brand and business. It takes time and patience to navigate your way through social, especially when you’re doing it alone. 

For social marketers, the journey of making a brand name visible and relevant starts from strategizing a carefully crafted digital plan that fits best the needs of the brand. Planning, strategizing, curating, visualizing, implementing ideas are all part of the process. And for all this, you need to be up-to-date with trending formats and different ideas. 

As numerous brands have taken up social media to get their message in front of customers it only makes sense to utilize various tools at our disposal. Social Media management tools provide various services, only some more specific to your needs. Using these tools not only saves a lot of time but also helps you keep up-to-date. It makes it easy for scheduling upcoming posts, and editing creatives as per platforms. It’s affordable, easy to use, and helps you be organized at all times. Content creators and digital marketers seem to find it an overwhelming task to maintain numerous accounts of one brand along with other brands, tools are a blessing. 

If you find yourself overwhelmed over the spoilt choices of social media tools, read along to make your life easier.


A buffer is a great tool for scheduling on all major social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Linked In, and Google+. Buffer is a great solution for all business owners and social media marketers swamped by multiple accounts. It helps you manage content for various accounts. It also boasts photo editing, group collaboration, and detailed data analytics on social media performance. Buffers also automatically shorten links, and if you’re a Bitly user you can also connect your accounts. You can add team members and also comment from inside your buffer account.


High-quality images are crucial for great content creation because nothing drives away followers by poor quality images. It’s a database of high resolution, watermark-free images that you can find related to content and download for use. More than often you find yourself looking for pictures and videos you cannot access due to copyright issues, which is why Unsplash is a great way to navigate for images. 

You can download free images or copy links and use them. Quality images, Great content. 


ContentCal is a great tool that helps teams and agencies in content creation and publishing. You can also create visual content and set it up for approval flow with ease. It’s a great visual content creator and calendar, it integrates with 2000+ apps, Tags for content management, Approval flow and with ease in publishing, you can also save content and share ideas. It’s a great tool with low cost and better management of content in small and large teams and it’s super easy to use. 

Leverage your planning tool and save time while you juggle between multiple clients with ease. 


If you’re a large agency with multiple clients to work for, this is a great tool for you. This tool makes it easier to handle multiple clients with multiple accounts for social platforms. It not only allows you to manage social media marketing but also allows for a better understanding of ROI. It also makes measurement of productivity easier for all social media campaigns. It has great templates for reports which you can create only in a few minutes. This tool also comes with a free trial and starts with a reasonable amount per month.

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Standing out on social media is no easy task. But great visuals make up for a great outcome. Especially videos and Animato is an easy tool for creating those. It provides large access to templates, themes, and even a collection of music to add. Since most platforms don’t have auto-play, Animato lets you add text overlay throughout the video as an added bonus. 


Most companies, agencies, and marketers and numerous social media accounts of different brands. Managing these accounts and content becomes overwhelming, Hootsuite lets you manage them from a single dashboard. Maintaining a strong social media presence has never been easier as it enables scheduling hundreds of posts at once. It lets you manage all credentials and profiles while saving all content on the cloud simultaneously. Managing, scheduling, organizing has never been easier. If you still find yourself not convinced, you can use the 30 days free trial period and understand its benefits. 

Now create content, maximize engagement, and brand awareness through effective use of tools. 

Social Bakers:

A rather expensive tool can also be used for free if your work is not extensive. It enables business personnel to work smartly on social media through artificial intelligence (AI) to understand audience behavior. It also helps in understanding consumer behavior for better engagement and to grow your customer base. It helps in managing your accounts in one place where you can also generate reports and analytics. 

Social media marketing and management is an ever-growing industry with hundreds and thousands of apps and tools at your disposal. And these same tools have other tens of alternatives. These tools not only help you manage, schedule, organize, and edit content to make your life easier. But they also make a cleaner scheduling format. These tools are ever-evolving with regular updates and bug fixes. But utilizing them comes in handy. It helps you promote your business on various platforms uninterrupted. On the plus side, they help you create content and maximize engagement.

There are various tools for designing, scheduling, monitoring, marketing, publishing, and some that come with various features in a single dashboard. Not every tool may be relevant but it definitely provides functionality. Look over your strategy and consider your goals before you decide to utilize these various tools. 

Please note that these are some of the great tools that come highly recommended based on its functionality, and expense. There may be other great tools that you may use that better suit your needs and requirements. Feel free to let us know other handy tools and software that can be included in the list. 

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