Top Business Secrets No Business School Would Teach You

Do you think enrolling yourself in a business school would get you all the knowledge and skills you need to be successful at your job? Not really. Yes, business schools provide a solid foundation of education and professionalism, but they are certain lessons and secrets that you’ll only learn and discover when you’re out in the competitive business world interacting with all sorts of people and trying to apply your theoretical context to different situations.

When launching an internet and cable company such as Spectrum internet, you might think that knowledge about Spectrum internet prices and customer needs together with hard work and planning is all you need. But the truth is that to be a successful, happy and satisfied business owner, you need a lot more. Want to find out? We spoke to a number of high-profile entrepreneurs and asked them about their business secrets, those that are not taught at schools but are crucial for success. Here are some of them.

#1. Diplomacy

The ability to disagree without offending, negotiate without coming across as harsh, and leading without being authoritative or forceful is a real asset in the business world. But all this requires a certain level of diplomacy. This is not to say you don’t stand up for the truth or indulge in flattering. Diplomacy here refers to being ‘tactful,’ that is learning to deal with different situations and people emphatically and intelligently. Since diplomacy is more of an art than a skill, business schools don’t consider teaching it in the classrooms. But diplomacy is key in situations where you need to disagree or build consensus with minimum friction and maximum benefit.

#2. Consistency

Business can be cut-throat and it requires a great level of consistency in performance and motivation. The most accomplished people in any industry are a product of consistency. They are not prodigies neither are they born lucky. They are all talented people who constantly believe in their vision and work relentlessly to bring it to life. They don’t grow overconfident and are always eager to learn and grow their business in a planned and organized way. So if you have talent and can adopt this kind of discipline, you can be at the top of your industry.

#3. Judgement

The modern business world requires you to adapt quickly and efficiently. This is because the workload is heavy and the competition is cut-throat. If you are not able to prioritize tasks with sound judgment, you’ll stay behind in the market. The ability to judge the most important task to the unnecessary or irrelevant is essential to thrive. But owing to the job market’s rigorous demands, business schools today are more concerned about preparing professionals to work like horses. There is a need to inculcate a sense of judgment in these professionals so that they can perform their jobs efficiently. Remember working hard is not enough; you need to work smart.

#4. Mindfulness

Being busy may give you a wrong sense of productiveness. It is okay to have some quiet time; mindfulness allows you to have a better understanding of yourself and your surroundings. It takes your mind off daily routine tasks and allows great ideas to come to you. A preoccupied mind with several tasks to do gets so caught up that it forgets about the bigger picture. Remember, when you act impulsively, the consequences for your business can be disastrous, to say the least. On the other hand, when an act comes from a place of truth, it leads to better choices and hence better results.

#5. Self-Compassion

Business schools are more concerned about familiarizing you with business concepts and equipping you with skills that are required in the market. They won’t teach you self-compassion. And it is a quality that is essential to survive in today’s competitive business world where no one has the time to lend an ear or offer a shoulder to lean on. So learn to be your best friend. Don’t be harsh on yourself for failing. Self-compassion helps keep oneself motivated and allows you to bounce back faster to seek new opportunities without letting fear pull you down.

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