Laravel Framework: 5 Benefits It Brings to Your Web Project

If you are in the web dev industry, you have probably heard about Laravel and its vast popularity. More and more web development projects are done using the Laravel framework, and Laravel developers are in huge demand recently. But, why is this framework such a success? What makes it a favorite choice of CTOs and web developers?

The truth is, Laravel offers straightforward solutions for common issues in the web development process. The plethora of benefits is vast, and the final look of the web project is immaculate; that is, if laravel developers are skilled and experienced Laravel experts. Let’s take a closer look at what laravel is and the benefits it brings to the table.

What Is Laravel?

Laravel is a PHP framework of open-source nature, which enables developing and designing web apps in a much easier and facilitated way using built-in features. It is a backend type of framework that enables laravel developers to build fill-stack apps such as user accounts, exports, order management, etc.

An essential concept in the Laravel world is MVC (Model-View-Controller), making Laravel different from the other backend frameworks. It is an architectural pattern that breaks down the app into three essential parts:

● Model – Data
● View – An interface for viewing and modifying data
● Controller – Operations performed on the data

It is of huge importance for the web project as it keeps the elements separated into logical areas, which makes the code more organized, robust, and easier to debug.

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The List of Laravel Benefits

1. Simple Implementation of Authentication

One of the vital features of a website is the security and the system for authentication. Laravel significantly shows off in this area as it implements authentication, a very simple process. It enables configuring of everything in an out-of-the-box way. Also, it grants the opportunity to organize the authorization logic and control access to resources simply.

2. Clean API for Mail Integration

The second laravel benefit is related to the integration with mail services. Today, it is unimaginable to have a modern web app without email-related features. What Laravel manages to provide in this department is a simple API that works with the well-known SwiftMailer library in a clean way. Also, provides drivers for SMTP, SparkPost, Mandrill, Amazon SES, Mailgun, and others. With this feature, the application can quickly start sending mails by using a local or cloud-based service. Moreover, Laravel developers can enable sending notifications using vast delivery channels, even SMS via Nexmo and Slack.

3. Offers Superior Security

There are critical web application security vulnerabilities defined by the OWASP list which pose a threat to every website out there. Some of these include SQL injection, cross-site scripting, cross-site request forgery, etc. These must be taken care of before the delivery of the project to the client. With Laravel, it is easier to secure the web app because Laravel itself is secure. The Laravel codebase has a huge guarding shield, and the code is vetted by several people, which makes Laravel an excellent choice for protecting against security vulnerabilities.

4. Testing is Automated

You are certainly aware that the last step before delivering the project to the client is testing whether your web app works. Without this process, there is no guarantee that the app won’t crash, have bugs, errors, or won’t comply with the initial requirements. Luckily, with Laravel, this process is pretty much straightforward. Laravel is created with testing in the prime focus, and there is even a phpunit.xml file that is part of the application’s setup. In addition, with laravel, you can conveniently test the app by using helper methods like simulating the fundamental behavior of users to check the functionality of the web app.

5. Easy Task Management & Configuration

A modern web app needs a task scheduling system that will automate the processes and take care of tasks on its own, such as sending out emails to subscribers. Laravel development services with the laravel command scheduler, all of these tasks are easily completed. This commander scheduler provides fluent and expressive command definition. Only a single Cron entry is needed on the server compared to the past when developers needed to generate a Cron entry for each task they needed to schedule.

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