Know The Difference Between PHP5 and PHP7

PHP is a commonly used scripting language that can be downloaded free as it has an open-source license. PHPs are used by 82% of web development tasks because of its flexibility and versatility. PHP is a simple and familiar language with greater similarities to C language. The main difference between php5 and php7 coming in next section. 

It offers high-speed performance with secured connectivity. PHP arrays stores more than one data in a single variable. PHP7 assures improved performance, low demand on servers, elevated cost-effectiveness and environment-friendly operation as it consumes less power. 

 PHP version check

PHP7 advances from PHP5 in speed and connectivity and so, it is necessary to accept this upgrade as the growing web surfers expect fast connectivity. PHP7 is the next generation web version straight away after PHP5 skipping PHP6.

Upgrading to PHP7

Code written in PHP5.5 and 5.6 can be easily upgraded to PHP7 while some syntax changes are needed if the script was written in PHP4. Features like constructor features are not supported by the PHP7 script. It is necessary to ensure that the code has unit and integration tests.

 PHP7 Advantages

Advantages of PHP7


  • This update is suitable for all the best for mobile devices as it offers reduced memory usage and improved program execution.
  • Excellent for business operations as it can handle huge traffic. Businesses like eCommerce websites can use this updated script as it can manage heavy panel requests with less operational expenses. 
  • The more consistent syntax for variable dereferencing.
  • Error handling is replaced with object-oriented exceptions. 
  • Bugs of the previous version are resolved in this new version. 
  • PHP7 introduces syntax to skip Unicode code points. 
  • In this improved script language the acute version of Mysql (Mysqli) is used instead of conventional Mysql. 
  • In the INI files, the comments will be marked by the “#” symbol in the case PHP5 version while it can be represented by a semi-colon in the updated version.
  • Added Strict type for scalar values, anonymous classes, and nested classes.
  • It can compile with all PHP versions and can be optimized for specific functions with the Performance guided Optimisation. 

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Difference Between PHP5 Vs PHP7

Difference between PHP5 and PHP7

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PHP7 script stipulates speedy website fetching and structured scripting that runs remarkably while fetching up at the websites. 

Load Bearing Capacity

PHP5 script will have elevated capabilities when distinguished with the PHP7 language. In the PHP7 script, the user can experience great performance and better connectivity than previous versions. Also, this update offers the liberty to use hosts for the flawless running of the script. Single hardware can be used to host several customers at the same time. This script smoothens running even for FaceBook that uses Just in Time Compiler.

Return Types

PHP5 will not have provision for return type exception, and it cannot handle fatal errors. These Return types have been officially included in PHP7 updated script which makes it easy for the developers to specify the type of variable as a script function.

This script function will be used for return type execution. The developers need to specify the return type after the parenthesis of an argument. In this script, major errors can be changed into exceptions making them easier to handle.

Support for 64 bits 

64 bits use more memory but provide enhanced performance and updated security features. PHP5 script does not support 64-bit integers while the updated PHP7 function supports all types of integers. 

Anonymous Case

Anonymous classes are useful when one object is needed to e created. This class can be used to pass arguments through constructors, extend other classes and implant interfaces.

The previous version of PHP5 doesn’t support anonymous classes, but the developer can develop can create an anonymous class rather than creating a full definitions class. 

Spaceship Operator

Otherwise, it is called Combined Comparison Operators function that correlates two contrasting expressions in a well-interconnected code. This operator is available in PHP 7 update for free.

The function is very simple and can be used to denote integers, floats, and arrays. Three-way comparison operator requires more operators in the case of PHP5 whereas the PHP7 script will have only three operators like Greater than, Less than and equal to. 

Null Coalescing Operator

This operator is used as a substitute for the ternary function in concurrence with the isset operator. For returning the value to null the user has to write explicit code while using PHP5 script while in the case PHP7 function can automatically return to null when the value is not accessible.

Asynchronous Programming Support

Simultaneous running of different activities is difficult with the PHP5 version which is overcome in the PHP7 script. Users can access databases, networking, set timers, and some input-output operations at the same time.

Bug Identification

In the previous function, the statement will be switched to display multiple clauses when a bug is encountered. But this error will not be encountered while using  PHP7 updated script language


A specific tool is available in the script for detecting errors called the Static PHP code analyzer. This tool is not available in the previous versions of PHP.

Web Server

PHP7 is provided with an independent web server that is not available in most of the script languages and it is easier to develop HTTP servers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is PHP7 faster?

The main reason for the fast operation of PHP7 script is the usage of several Hash tables in the Zend Engine which is not available in the previous versions.

List out some features that are deprecated in PHP7.

This updated script language will not support password hash functions supported by all the previous versions. Style constructors of previous versions are deprecated in the PHP7 language.

What is the main benefits of PHP7?

This improved version of script language will provide improved error handling features with 64-bit window support. This language is enabled with the spaceship and Coalescing operators. Also, it facilitates impart from the same namespace.

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