How to Regain Lost SEO Ranking in 2022?

Google pulled out a belligerent change in its algorithm in 2021. Over the past 1 year, Google introduced tons of updates in their algorithm.  Some of these updates were too small to even take notice. There were some major updates too, related to SERP and content.

All of this led to a chaotic scenario for the digital publishers. There was a lot of confusion due to the overlapping nature of the updates which not only made it less comprehensive but also more difficult to figure out the root cause of diminishing search traffic.

This article gives a brief yet insightful account regarding the causes of such disruptions along with a list of ways about tackling the issues and regaining momentum.

Narrowly Focused Updates

Google brought in a Page Experience Update within three months in the initial half of the last year. The main agenda behind the update was to felicitate the efficient websites based on their loading speed on mobiles and other secondary devices.

However, quite contrary to the desired results, this update led to a deterioration in mobile traffic affecting a huge number of digital publishers. To resolve this issue, more emphasis should be given to the optimization of the website to make it more responsive and navigable.

Some important steps that should be included in the process are the elimination of undesired codes and links. Inclusion of better quality alternatives in terms of images etc.

Being Genuine and User-Friendly

One of the biggest reasons behind the downfall in rankings of multiple websites was their inferior content. This happened in accordance with the new guidelines of Google with regards to the quality of the content. As mentioned earlier, the algorithm has been modified to include content quality as one of the integral aspects and indicators. This update had a diverse range of effects for various types of businesses. Sectors like finance, healthcare, and e-commerce had to face the consequences on a larger scale as compared to digital publishers in other sectors.

One of the loopholes of the algorithm is its haywire behavior. For instance, if any premier website hasn’t been updated with the latest upgrades then the algorithm might end up labeling it as a poor quality website. Thus leading to its decrease in the ranking.

To retrieve the search rankings this year, a few things need to be kept in mind. Some of which include working on the efficiency of the content by approaching the aspect more professionally (for this, you should take help from accomplished and skillful writers, journalists, etc.).

Pay special attention to the credibility of the content, go through the old content and find out the mistakes with the motive of correction and improvisation. Have an attractive and well-defined structure in the content. Emphasizing keywords and the addition of customized, well-branded infographics will help rank the content.

Working on your content can help you rank higher on SERP. Use SERP trackers to analyze your  SERP rank to get a better idea of what content is working and whatnot. 

Emphasis on Link-Building

We all are aware that various websites link themselves with multiple advertisers to add on to their financial segment. Another reason is the directly proportional relation between backlinks and the ranking on the vertical. However, in most cases including a vast number of advertisements on the website can cause more harm than good. Linking the website with multiple sources often tends to promote spamming and display of unreliable and unimportant information. 

Owing to such an issue, the latest update of the Google algorithm was about backlinks and excessive advertisements. Read more about the latest backlinks updates and not repeat the mistakes of the past year. 

As Google doesn’t rank all links equally, therefore if your website is linked with any nonessential source then it would harm the search ranking. This was quite evident throughout the previous year.

Now, to tackle this problem, the websites should be backlinked with credible and classified sources and one should try to avoid linking their website with sponsored or deceitful sources.


The previous year was hectic and tumultuous for the digital sector of many businesses. Rapid and unexpected changes in the algorithms had a drastic effect on the rankings of many digital publishers. However, as we move into a new year altogether, we should focus more on resolving the complications through simple methods of education, awareness, and emphasis. At the same time, some minute yet intricate factors need to be looked into and improvised to upgrade the website’s ranking in the vertical.

John Peter

John is a professional technology blogger who has been doing blogging for the last 5 years. He loves to write & share content about web development, software programming, digital marketing, SEO, social media, tech gadgets, etc.