Four Methods for Refocusing Your Lead Generation Strategy for Better Backlinks

Branching out as a business means taking risks, and most importantly, generating more leads. The more leads you have as a business, the more backlinks you can generate, so the process can improve your SEO campaign in the future. While a backlink checker works in the early stages of digital marketing, using one won’t sustain your ability to find new leads. Especially not while your company is growing.

Fortunately, there’s hope going forward. If you’re ready to gather more backlinks, simply keep reading. These are four steps to making changes to your lead generation strategy so that you’ll get more backlinks starting today. 

Create subscriber-only content

digital subscription model has the power to change how you connect with your users. Changing your lead generation strategy means finding users. Specifically, the kind of users who connect with your content.

That said, subscriber-only content restricts access to users, only allowing access to those who spend money. Limiting your content to paying members helps you focus your lead generation efforts on users interested in your products. The good news is, should your new leads have their own businesses and companies, you’ll be able to pick up backlinks just from having connected with them through your content. Restricting access to your content guarantees you’ll find leads. The kind of leads that will invest in backlinking to your site.

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Publish guest posts in your niche

Your lead generation strategy falls short when your SEO-optimized content is found only on your site. This is especially the case if your site also happens to have low domain authority, as the views will often come less frequently, and randomly, at that. To get your products and services in the eyes of new customers, you’ll need to publish guest posts on other sites.

Guest posting lets you share your expertise and gain backlinks, while also increasing your exposure to new leads and new buyers. Ideally, you should stick within your niche, and only use guest posting if doing so makes sense. Users from another site should click on a link back to your site. That’s the best way to know you’ve succeeded.

Find more keywords to rank higher in Google

Research shows that, on average, a single-page article on Google contains 1,447 words. Of all the words you use on a piece of content, the long-tail, low-volume keywords are those that will make your content rank higher on Google. But after a year of selling products and services, your vision and brand identity may have changed, and with them, the kind of leads you’re interested in pursuing.

To realign your lead generation strategy so that it more closely fits with your SEO campaign, start from the beginning, using some of the same keywords, then apply newly researched keywords to your digital marketing strategy. The goal here is to reach more leads, starting by finding more relevant keywords that represent your company’s identity. Only then will you find the best leads who will be willing to provide a link back to your company.

Create content downloads for faster backlinks

If you’re looking to expand your list of leads, try adding new ways to your content to get them engaged. Content downloads, or upgrades, are designed to add another layer of depth to your content, with the idea that users will stick around for another round. When added to your content, these downloads leave users on your site with more resources and additional services.

That way, when they’ve got everything from the content that’s there, they realize that a downloadable worksheet, or short eBook, will help them put everything they learned into action. You know it’s worth connecting with new leads. Start by adding a content upgrade to the existing content on your site.

Your content has the power to find you new leads, starting around the time you noticed your company was growing. Lead generation strategies require you to upgrade your content and find new keywords, as the existing users on your site will move in, and all in favor of new leads who find your products intriguing. Create content upgrades and publish guest posts, and in addition to a backlink checker, you’ll have better leads in the future.