How To Define Target Audience For Your Mobile App

In this digital age, every business is trying to grow its reach. But, little do most people know- a clearly defined target audience is critical for improving reach.

Luckily, for businesses that operate via Mobile Apps, targeting audiences is relatively easy.

Keep reading to learn how to define a target audience for mobile apps.

Learn About Product Value

Defining your target audience isn’t as easy as creating an invitation list for a party.

It begins with the product itself, which, in this case, is your mobile app.

You need to learn how your mobile app will benefit your users, its uniqueness, and the trigger.

Relatively speaking, figuring out the user benefit and uniqueness of the app is easier than finding the trigger.

Trigger refers to the feature, situation, or pain point that can convince users to download a mobile application.

Once you have answers to all three questions, you’ll already be a step closer to your target audience.

Know The Demographics

In reference to your product, you can find other competitors in the market too. Now you need to figure out the demographics of your target audience with the help of your competitors.

Not literally, but to some extent.

You can use your competitor’s market strategy and learn more about the kind of audience they are targeting. 

You can also implement a few market research tools on your mobile app to further refine your customer demographics.

For instance, you track the location, age group, and gender of your existing users. Further, you can use an app localization service to reach more similar users. And gain access to fresh market data in return while also increasing the number of downloads.

Building User Persona

Now with the demographic insights of your audience, you can track their behavioural trends.

Not to mention, you’ll also be able to define the characteristics of your ideal buyer.

Notably, this is when you come closer to building a buyer persona.

For example, if your mobile app is more used by 14-year-old boys than 15-year ones, your ideal audience is probably young boys. Or better said, pre-teen boys.

Test And Advertise

This is probably the last step but note that refining the target audience for mobile apps is a never-ending process. You’ll need to keep following the steps mentioned above regularly.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, you’d also need to test whether you have correctly defined your target audience or not.

For this purpose, you can create an online advertising campaign, feed in your target audience details as you know them, and wait for a few days to collect a reliable result.

If the results look promising, you should keep using the criteria, but in case they are a little shaky, repeat all the steps once again from the start.

And we are sure you’ll be able to better target your audience after optimizing your user base with every test ad campaign.

The Bottomline

So, you see, defining your target audience isn’t as difficult either. The only thing that matters is you keep on optimizing and don’t skip on it.

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