Why Should You Move From Traditional Office Set-Up And Look For Other Cost-Effective Options?

In the times of the pandemic that we are today, traditional office setup has lost importance, and people have willingly or unwillingly shifted to other cost-effective options like work from home or virtual office. The complete process of not just building but also maintaining a traditional office is one requiring constant effort.

Apart from the necessity of opting out of traditional offices, people have also started taking up other options because of the a lot of convenience and cost-effectiveness involved in comparison to traditional offices. There are a lot of newer and a lot more cost-friendly ways of working that have emerged in recent years which have facilitated easy working.

Coworking Spaces

Now, after this pandemic, if you still happen to have to choose or stick to physical offices, coworking spaces for such purposes is still a better and effective choice. Coworking spaces often have an open-concept layout and are shared with people from various organizations and freelancers and are more like a common space for all the people willing to work in a professional environment.

In order to maintain an environment of collaboration and communication, the spaces are typically filled with comfortable furniture, shared technology like printers and Wi-Fi, and just like that. All those people share all the expenses, so the burden does not fall upon one specific person. 

Everything is managed and taken care of by everyone using the space; there is larger networking and exposure to different ideas because you get to connect with professionals from various industries. The Harvard Business Review quoted that individuals in coworking spaces tend to find their work more meaningful and satisfactory since everyone has different job backgrounds. Coworking spaces provide their users with a calm and peaceful environment that remains undisturbed by any kind of internal politics.

Virtual Offices

Another cost-effective and latest method of replacing traditional offices could be virtual offices. If put in simple words, a virtual office is an office on the web, an office where you do not have to pay for the physical expenses of the business. There are companies that provide services for virtual offices, and customers have to purchase the packages of the virtual offices as per the requirement. 

One of the primary benefits of the Complete Virtual Office is the flexibility it offers to the employees and freelancers to work from a satellite office, home office, remote location or even on the go via a mobile device. They need not be available at a physical location to get the work done; all the work can be communicated through different platforms of social networks. Virtual office providers may also include digital facilities in their packages such as cloud storage, web hosting, email, and other web-based applications.

Virtual offices need not necessarily mean one without a physical location. However, if you are opting for a physical location for building your virtual office, you will only have to include the cost of renting because all your other works will be on the web through the mode of digital marketing. In such a case, you will only have to incur the minimum expenses of hiring a receptionist, a conference room, scanners drop and pick a location for all your mails, etc. 

Therefore, virtual offices are in trend and are proving to be less cost incurring than personal offices.

Working from home

Another way of making your business cost-effective is by indulging in work-from-home. Work from home means an employee is working from their house, apartment, or place of residence, rather than working from the office. Although working from home is not a new concept, it has garnered immense popularity during the lockdown period because of the restriction on movement. 

A lot of work-from-home opportunities from all around the world have been coming up and have been giving chances to grab a job or internship to freelancers, part-time workers, and full-time job seekers as well. Work from home includes the communication and working of all the members of an organization through various forms of communication like telephone, emails, messages, video conferencing, etc. 

By adopting this method of working, the cost of the rent of the place, the electricity of the working place, the conveyance of coming from and going to that place, the expense of scanners, printers and other appliances, etc. is all saved. It makes the entire working process extremely cost-efficient and brings down the company’s production cost to a very large extent. 

Work from home also facilitates working from the comfort of your homes by only communicating through your electronic appliances and sharing all the work through that mode only. The burden of the work remains more or less the same, but the costs included decrease and the comfort increases.

Why should you shift from working in Traditional Offices?

These reasons why working in this cost-effective method has proven beneficial over the years and will only lead to more benefits in the coming years. However, the reason for moving away from traditional forms of working and switching to these cost-effective methods is also because of the various cons that come with traditional forms of working.

  • The costs involved are, needless to say, very high as compared to these other forms of working. There is the cost of office rent, office appliances, office electricity, other miscellaneous expenses, etc. 
  • There are barriers in communication due to the segregated cubicles and office spaces.
  • The complete management process of an office and its staff is a hectic process that requires a lot of effort, energy, and money.


Owing to these reasons, the popularity and spread of these cost-effective working methods have increased compared to the physical traditional office spaces. More so, because of the prolonged lockdown period of the lockdown that we have been dealing with for the past two years.  Hence, switching from a traditional, personal office set-up and looking for other cost-effective options of working is one smart decision.

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