Learn About The Top 3 Forecasted Trends Of Mobile Application

From the last decade, the use of Smartphones has been tremendously increasing. From making calls to searching nearby retail stores, dependency on smartphones is also growing tremendously. And, numerous mobile applications have played a significant part in this success.

With the advancement in technology and businesses, every day, a new application is created that makes the life of users easier.

If we look at the statistics, approximately 3739 apps are added to the Play Store every day. Currently, about 1.85 million different applications are available for users to download.

Taking into account this data, it would be pretty fascinating to know what the future holds for mobile applications. 

Below are the top 3 forecasted trends of mobile applications. 


While South Korea has already deployed a 5G network, it is predicted that numerous countries will soon start using the 5th Generation of mobile connectivity. This will surely change mobile applications and development games. Not to mention, many believe that 5G will play a significant role in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. 

How will 5G change mobile applications? 

Well, it is a combination of high bandwidth, low latency, and good connection density. Thus, it is excellent for applications based on IoT (Internet of Things), VR (Virtual Reality), and AR (Augmented Reality). Moreover, with great connectivity, next-generation applications can possibly accomplish things that seem impossible for now.

Plus, it will also help in reducing battery consumption, which eventually benefits the applications. 

  • Sell Your Data Applications

With the rising inflation, people are always looking for new ways to earn some extra dollars to fulfill the additional cost. One such method is by selling their visitation data. It is particularly good for those who don’t mind sharing their information.

And how these applications work is also very easy. 

All you have to do is install the application, sign up, and agree to the terms for monetize my data and enjoy extra money. These applications run in the background and only record your visitation data. You can spend the rest of your day as you normally would. The application will record the data of places you visited while keeping your other private information safe via encryption. So, you can enjoy some extra money almost effortlessly. 

  • Mobile Edge Computing

According to the statistics, the mobile edge computing market is expected to reach 2.8 billion dollars by 2027. 

Perhaps you are wondering- What is edge computing? 

It is an evolution of the cloud. By making a few of your computational needs processes will literally move the cloud near the user. In simple terms, when edge computing is used widely, it turns your mobile or device into the cloud and helps in removing latency issues. Seems interesting, doesn’t it?

The edge-powered mobiles will benefit the B2B mobile applications and help them in offering better quality location-based services.

To Sum It All Up!

These are the forecasted trends of mobile applications and development that you might observe in the upcoming years. Not only will these trends make your life more convenient, but they also create an opportunity to earn extra income. So, you must keep a close eye on these trends.

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