Top 10 Fun Apps To Play When You Are Bored

Ever struggled to pass time in a lengthy queue or when waiting for someone? Then fun mobile apps for boredom are the first and best thing you need to know about. The mobile applications are fantastic time killers. It is a resourceful training tool for increasing your mental ability.

This forum portraits different fun phone applications. This post will explain the exciting features of the game.

1. Big Barn World

Big Barn World

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This interactive game is a real-time farming play. This is a free app for play when you are bored. Users can enjoy playing this game alone or with their friends. In this game, the players can explore and make new friends. The chat option is available in the game. Users can chat with their friends during the game play itself. This enables the user to avail of tips and guidance from friends. A regular update of the game is done. Game updating will be based on reviews and feedback of the users.

Attractive features of the game:

  • Regular updates and an interactive interface.
  • Excellent game graphics.
  • Real-time farming environment.

2. Flow Free

Flow Free

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This application is an excellent time killer. Also, it will increase the reasonability of the user. This game involves in color matching and joining game play. Different levels are available in the game.

Solving each puzzle will progress the game to the next level. Different game modes are available in the game. Time trial mode is useful to enjoy the timed game play.

Key Features of the game

  • More than 2000 puzzles.
  • Advanced and Colorful graphics.
  • High-quality audio support.
  • Addictive game play.

3. Paperama


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Paperama is a three-dimensional origami game. It is provided with more than 70 puzzles. This game can improve the mental ability of the player. The game score is provided with the percentage based on the number of folds.

Appealing features of Paperama:

  • Excellent three-dimensional game mode.
  • Quality audio tracks.
  • Appealing hint systems.
  • Quality game service support.

4. Tetris


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Tetris is a traditionally played addictive block puzzle game. This game has players worldwide. This game play is provided with a variety of game modes. Also, daily challenges can enrich the competitiveness of the game. The game is added with Bonus mode for encouraging the players.

Outstanding Features of Tetris:

  • This game offers Conventional game play.
  • Provided with Easy and accurate game controls.
  • Offline game play.
  • Customized play arena with user themes.

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5. Granny


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Granny is a scary thriller arcade game. The game can increase your sensation of fear and horror. The entire game play will be in a single house where granny shuts the player down. The game play is all about escaping granny’s house silently. The game is a most reviewed single-player game. Enormous user groups play this game around the planet.

Reviewed Features:

  • Excellent graphics with an eye-catching arena.
  • Interactive game atmosphere.
  • Outstanding Audio effects.

6. PicToWord


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PictoWord is an awesome new word game for android and iOS users. This game will provide excellent entertainment to its users. The game can enhance reasoning skills. Apart from being an excellent fun app to play when you are bored, the game also can sharpen your intelligence and problem-solving abilities.

Amazing Features of this game:

  • Enhance vocabulary and reasoning skills.
  • Fun and addictive game play.
  • Constant game updating.
  • Variety of game levels with unique themes.

7. SketchAR


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Want to make your free time useful? Here is an excellent tool to make your ideal times useful. SketchAR is the best entertainment and productivity mobile application that can improve your drawing abilities. The software enables the user to learn drawing by tracing already existing pictures. Step by step to procedure and exercises of these apps enable the user to learn drawing practice.

Competitive Features

  • More than 398 tutorials for learning drawing.
  • Suitability for both beginners and experts.
  • Entertaining learning methods.

8. 9GAG


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9GAG is the best time killing app full of fun and humor. You can stay entertained and cool while using this application. Since this wonderful application is full of Funny images, GIFs, memes and videos it can keep you occupied for a long time.

Entertaining Features:

  • Exclusive video uploading features.
  • Better Social media connectivity.
  • Excellent communication between 9gaggers.

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9. Bubble Wrap

Bubble Wrap

It’s always interesting to pop bubbles. Bubble wrap will bring back your childhood memories. This wonderful application is the best time killer funny game. Bubble Wrap can be played by peoples of all age groups.

Exciting Features:

  • The realistic appearance of the game objects.
  • Excellent audio effect.
  • Connectivity with social media.

10. Sand Draw Sketch

Sand Draw Sketch

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The sand draw is a best time killer app to play when bored, which allows users to draw in realistic sand canvas. The game is enriched with realistic graphics around the beach background. Also, the user can customize their appearance with different sea objects.

Competitive futures:

  • Realistic graphic effects.
  • Customized game arena with real objects.
  • Sand texture selection option.

Summing UP

Mobile applications are an entertaining and productive means for killing time. This page will portrait different Apps for when your bored time irritates you. The reader will be able to have a handy list of outstanding funny mobile applications that are available. Stay reading Tchidology.

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