The .Com Vs .Net Domain – A Comprehensive Comparison Guide

Choosing a correct domain extension is important in elevating the reach of a business website. Users will have confusion in choosing domain as plenty domain extension are available. Among the domains available .com and .net are the familiar domains. This blog briefs and compares the difference between .net and .com domains.

What is the domain?

Domains are available at the end of the web address. It is used to represent an internet type or a country code. Domains along with domain names can be used to provide a unique name to each IP address. Using domains can replace the usage of the complex IP address.

Where to register a domain?

Domains can be avail through a domain registrar, web hosting, or site builder plans. The most popular methods for purchasing a domain are explained below.

Domain Name With Domain.Com

  • Access the website and give your desired domain name.
  • Check the availability of the domain name.
  • The domain will be automatically added to your account if it is available.
  • Select the period to use the domain as per the requirement.
  • Proceeding with the billing procedures.

Bluehost Free Domain

Users can avail free domain along with the web hosting from Bluehost free domain. This free service is for one year. The free domain service can be used from


  • Open the website and check the availability of your domain.
  • Once the preferred domain is available, select a $2.99 option.
  • Privacy options can be availed at $9.99 per year.
  • Select the term of registration and pay accordingly

Importance of Domain name

ten largest top level domains as of March 2020

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Domain names are the name of the website that the user can type in the address bar. A better domain name can increase the traffic to your website. This is because users will always prefer the most familiar domains while accessing a site. Websites with proper domain and keyword will gain better ranking in search engines. This can enhance visitors to the business website. A good domain should not have more than three words in the name.

What is the .com domain extension?

The .com extension is the top-level domain in the domain system. This is the most common and widely used domain suffix. Dot Com domain is used to represent a commercial, business, or eCommerce website. It is used by most commercial websites. Any service provider can register with .Com domain, even though it is intended for commercial business.

.com domains are mobile-friendly domain extensions. A dedicated .com key is available in the mobile for easy access to the domain. This domain gains considerable recognition in search engines.

What is the .net domain extension?

The .net domain is a widely used common domain extension for technology. The .Net domain is used to represent networks. Websites connecting several groups of individuals can use .net extension. The .net domain can be availed by internet service providers, infrastructure sites, and email services. This domain is more relevant when your targeted clients are interested in technology.

Business providing tech services like email, cable tv, internet service, web hosting can use .net domain. By using the .net domain, users can avail of a variety of domain names.

What is the difference between .com Vs .net domain extension?

A detailed comparison of .net Vs .com domain will help users in understanding the features of domains.
Usage: Almost 40% of domain names are registered with the .com domain and .Net domain is least preferred when compared with .com domain.

Suitability: The .Com domain is suitable for commercial domain names and .Net is appropriate for technology related websites.

Customer familiarity: The .Com domain scores better in customer familiarities than the .net extension.

Pricing: extension costs $8 to $16 per year and The .Net extension costs $10 to $15 per year.

.Com Vs .Net:

Difference between .com and .net domain extension

Image source:

Both .com and .net extension are considered as equivalent in search engines. The ranking of the site depends upon the keywords along with the domain name.

Benefits of .com domain

  • It is easy to remember, widely used domain extension.
  • Recognized as a reliable extension for all commercial business websites.
  • The .Com extension is a mobile-friendly web domain with dedicated key support.
  • This domain has enhanced familiarity among net surfers. So, the business of any category can be registered with the .com domain.

Benefits of .net domain

  • It is easier to locate the .net domain name in the web world.
  • The .net domain users can avail of their favorite domain names.
  • It is the most common extension for technology websites.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between a website and a domain?

The domain is the name representation of a website. It is used to replace the complicated IP address of the web page. The website is the page accessed by using domain names. Details of the business of an organization are provided with the websites. Users can view the business features in the websites.

Can I use a .NET domain for business?

The .net domain is mainly developed for network-related organizations. The .net domain has high familiarities after the .com extension. Since the .net domain is rated as a top-level domain, it can be used by businesses of any type.

How do domain extensions affect SEO?

The domain extensions will have very little influence on SEO rankings. A good domain will be more familiar to users. A familiar domain with better keywords, backlinks, and content can elevate SEO rankings.

How to buy a domain name permanently?

The domains can't be bought for an extended period with the following two methods. Users can subscribe to the domain for a maximum of ten years. The only way to buy a domain name permanently is to buy it along with web hosting as a package. In this way, the domain name will remain with you as long as you avail of the web hosting service.

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