What is the Main Difference between JavaScript, Jquery and AJax?

This post is intended to explain the difference between Jquery and Javascript which is essential in selecting the appropriate language for scripting.

Jquery Vs Javascript

Javascript is an interpreted programming language for scripting object-oriented styles. It is involved in creating a network-intervening application for HTML documents. JavaScript is an independent language and it has no connection with java.

This programming language is capable of creating layouts from slide shows for picture gallery to high-level animations. Jquery is a library for javascript function and it contains templates, effects, animations, and other utilities for the web page created by Javascript.

Jquery simplifies the scripting activities of Java script as it clusters and simplifies the codes for various features of the script. Both these two scripting methods are used in client-side scripting.

This library script cannot operate separately as it uses resources from javascript for developing simpler code structures. Jquery is enabled with a new type of syntax for reducing the lengthy codings of Javascript and users have to learn the new syntaxes for using Jquery.

While a web page is accessed through the browser, it will search for code and interpret them to access the webpage. Since all users will not use the same type of browser and so coding is difficult with javascript as it does not have multi-browser compatibility. To avoid this Jquery library is used which has multi-browser compatibility.

Ajax Vs Javascript

Difference between Ajax Vs Javascript

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Ajax is asynchronous Javascript XML which is used for making web pages. It is a part of javascript that runs on the script to replace data using a server.

Javascript is a programming language but Ajax is a technology that uses javascript along with the XML programming tool. Ajax is a means to use the existing standards for programming.

It involves data transfer from and to the server without the aid of a full site. Ajax is used to suggest auto-fill options and to perform the page load without difficulty. Ajax will assist Java in changing entities on the web page without reloading it.

What is the difference between Javascript and Jquery

Difference between Jquery and JavaScript

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It is necessary to understand the difference between Javascript and Jquery scripts as both these programming tools are widely involved in scripting and formating webpages for browser.

  • Javascript is a programming language and Jquery is a scripting library that contains codes for functions like font size, background color, etc.
  • Javascript is written in C language and Jquery is written with the help of resources gained from the javascript.
    Jquery libraries are easier to access than the standard Javascript libraries. Libraries generally simplify the coding by grouping several codes into simple library elements.
  • While using Javascript the user has to write customized scripts as per the requirements but Jquery will use the already existing scripts from the library.
  • Javascript is faster with the document object model whereas Jquery is fast with browsers and computers.
  • Javascript file is heavier than the Jquery file as the coding created in Javascript will be lengthy. Jquery will combine various coding features into library elements that can be used with the help of simple codes.

Let us see an example of jQuery and JavaScript to change the background color:


function changeColor(color) {
document.body.style.background = color;



$ (‘body’) .css (‘background’, ‘#0000FF’);

  • As shown above, both the code snippets are doing the same work of changing the background color. But jQuery takes less code to write the program.
  • Unlike Jquery which uses special symbols to select HTML elements, No special symbols are used in Javascript.
  • Javascript is used for making interactive websites with the help of programming language. Jquery acts as a library function for the Javascript programming that includes templates and utilities for web page creation. Jquery is used to reduce the complexity of the Javascript.
  • Javascript can provide complete scripting functions whereas Jquery can only provide the most common scripting functions used in a simplified form that can be availed from the library.
  • Jquery is universally compatible with almost all types of browsers but for Javascript, users have to input separate codes for availing multi-browser compatibility.
  • Jquery is limited to only web browsers but javascript is compatible with both browsers as well as servers.
  • Handling is easy with Jquery than that of javascript. Jquery is a fast, High-end featured and lightweight scripting library.
  • Javascript requires a large coding structure for representing the required script whereas Jquery needs fewer codes for denoting the same function and also it reduces the code size thereby improving the simplicity of the program.


Both Javascript and Jquery are essential for creating front-end scripts. Javascript is used to develop the front end scripts and Jquery will make the programming with javascript easier with the help of the script library.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which one is better among Javascript and Jquery?

Jquery is better than Javascript due to its simplicity on coding simple syntax. On the whole, for learning detailed programming it is better to go for JavaScript and for quick programming it is better to use Jquery.

Which is faster? Javascript or Jquery?

While considering the ability to develop a program, Jquery is faster than Javascript as it has a library that simplifies the coding. But, When considering execution, jquery is not as fast as other programming languages.

Can I use Jquery and Javascript together?

Jquery is constructed over the base of javascript with all the complex code procedures of Javascript coupled together to form simpler library functions. So the user can include both javascript and Jquery codes together in HTML coding.

Why do we use Jquery over javascript?

Using Jquery will make the program structure simpler. The overall coding length will less while using Jquery than JavaScript. So, the program size will be lost while done using Jquery. Jquery is used widely because of its simplicity in programming and multi-browser compatibility.

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