Creating a purpose-driven brand that sells

According to the Simon Sinek axiom, people don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.

It’s an established fact that brands with purpose outperform their competitors.

Purpose is what creates a distinction between one brand and another. It’s that differentiation that many customers seek — that distinguishing factor that makes a brand unique. Purpose is the core essence of why a brand exists. And a purpose-driven brand stands out from the crowd.

And one more thing: a purpose-driven brand creates that unique experience for its customers that drives value and sales.

Why? How? The answer is in the first paragraph of this article. Most people don’t just buy your stuff for what it is; they buy why you do it.

They want to see how what you’re doing benefits society and the environment. So many people today are looking towards reducing their carbon footprint through sustainable living practices.88% of consumers want businesses to help them make a difference. So, a purpose brand with sustainability at its core will instantly attract a myriad of customers who can clearly see what the brand is doing and how it’s making a change. Emphasis on “clearly.”

Now, that’s where you want to get it right — to make your brand purpose as crystal-clear as possible to your audience.

You have established why purpose matters. But how do you build a purpose brand that sells (rakes in substantial revenue)?

Before going into that, let us take a look at some notable purpose-driven brands and what they’re doing to effect desirable change in society.

Some purpose-driven brands to consider

1. BBM

Butterbean Motivation (BBM) is a company founded with the unique purpose of helping people to live healthier lives and become examples to their friends and relatives. The company is devoted to reducing obesity among the Maori people by educating them on more healthy living practices. Through online programs and free community boot camps, they’ve stayed true to that purpose.

2. Thankyou

Thankyou is an enterprise committed to alleviating poverty. They take their profit and dedicate it towards helping people in need. From body wash to hand wash, the company’s products clearly show how they’re devoted to helping people attain a better level of wellbeing.

But most importantly, their purpose clearly and consistently stands out in all their marketing efforts. From their website homepage and social media down to their product packaging, one can clearly see what they’re doing. Who wouldn’t want to buy into such a cause?

How to build your purpose-driven brand

1. Brainstorm, explore and clarify your purpose

Before attempting any marketing effort, it is imperative to have clarity on the “why” of your brand’s existence. What are your company’s beliefs? Why do you do what you do? And how does your product or service enrich the lives of society?

More often than not, companies become so centered on themselves that they can’t clearly discover a purpose that critically affects their customers and society. For you to put your best foot forward, it is advisable to get in touch with a purpose brand marketing agency to join heads with your team to brainstorm and clarify your brand’s purpose. A purpose brand marketing agency can also be an incredible long-term resource for your company, helping you build a marketing strategy that consistently highlights your brand’s purpose.

This is essential for every purpose-driven brand, which takes us to the next point.

2. Incorporate purpose into your business

You must be able to weave your purpose into your entire business for it to stand out. Are you saving the earth? Then let it stand out in your products, manufacturing processes, company policies, community development, marketing, brand messaging, etc.

But never neglect passion while forming your purpose. Without passion, your purpose statement would be simply for the sake of it. It would be like forcing a square peg into a round hole. It wouldn’t fit.

This is one area where a purpose brand marketing agency can also help. While you focus on developing your company’s operations and internal team, a brand marketing agency can use its expertise to brainstorm and figure out the right purpose that will align and fit perfectly into your original product or service.

3. Be consistent

Five years from now, your “why” should remain the same. Even though you’ve added some little extras along the way due to life-changing events, you should make that clear, and your original purpose must stay intact.

Most importantly, your story and ads across all your marketing platforms must consistently portray your purpose. You want your customers to clearly see what you stand for. It shouldn’t be X today and Y tomorrow.

4. Do

Actions speak louder than words. While you talk about change, how are you affecting this change in your society? 89% of consumers agree that purpose is manifested in the brand’s contribution to society and the environment.

You want to lead by example. And that often means adopting sustainable practices in your workplace (significant enough for your visitors to notice), getting involved in community service, organizing empowerment programs, and so much more. For example, just like BBM, a brand whose purpose revolves around alleviating a particular disease may conduct sensitization programs, community empowerment and offer products and services that cater to that disease.

If you’re going to create any real impact, you must first ensure people believe in your mission. You achieve that by taking action consistently in that direction.

5. Practice creative storytelling

Through storytelling, you can get your audience on the same page with you.

You want to ensure your content is fun and engaging and tells the story behind your purpose. Let your audience see why you started in the first place.

You can also harness interactive platforms and interview people whose lives your business has affected positively. You can also include a count on your website emphasizing how many lives you’ve touched.

All of these draw your audience into your story, compelling them to get involved by buying from you.

Bottom Line

Purpose-driven brands are influential. They are unique; they are admirable. All these are vital qualities that potentially attract customers and drive sales.

Now’s the time to take action. If you haven’t clarified your brand’s purpose, it’s an excellent idea to get in touch with a purpose brand marketing agency as soon as possible.

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