How to Write a Newspaper Article?

Writing a newspaper article is slightly different from academic papers, term papers, or usual blogs. Actually, each type of writing has some distinct rules, tactics, and structures. One must follow it if s/he want to write it.

A newspaper article is one of the most visited articles by the people. From here, people get regular news updates. That is why, if you want to write a newspaper article, you have to do it very perfectly according to its rules and structure.

Here, we are giving a comprehensive guide on how to write a newspaper article. Follow this article to write a perfect newspaper article.

How to write a newspaper article?

Writing a newspaper article will require you some factual information from verified sources, and then you need to present those in the perfect way considering the exact format.

Let’s discuss it in detail.

Choose a topic:

Though your instructor will give you your topic in some cases, you have to choose your topic yourself most of the time. It would be best if you chose a subject related to your experience at that time.

It will give you a strong framework ability, and at the same time, you can make the article informative and more perfect as you are experienced. However, when the instructor selects your topic, you should customize it according to your convenience if it is possible.

The topic is crucial indeed because, if it is not interesting to you, the article you will write will not be engaging to your readers as well.

Research your topic:

After choosing a topic, your need to conduct extensive research on your topic. Research is one of the most important things when writing an article.

In addition, the newspaper article is more important than other articles because you need to provide a hundred percent authentic news to your audience. So, we can say, if you want to be precise, research is an inevitable part.

In research, you need to contact your sources directly. If you want to avoid procrastination, you have to do it. Here, another important thing is, the sources you have chosen should be professional. Otherwise, it can ruin your job.

Besides, you can use witnesses as the source and conduct some interviews. The interviews should be the structured way. At the last research stage, you need to cross-check the information from some secondary sources.

Structure your article:

After conducting vast research, now it is time to make the structure of your news article. The best way to do it is, make a draft first.

Here is a structure you can follow to write your article.

Title or Headline:

As it is a fundamental thing, you all know that the first thing you will write in your article is the headline or title. The title should be very catchy and to the point so that one cannot avoid it and be compelled to read it.

The title should be the perfect sentence and grammatically entirely correct with proper punctuation. Besides, it needs to be informative enough to catch the context just by reading the title.


Byline in a newspaper article is the section where the name of the writer of the article is situated. It is written exactly after the title of the article. Although, sometimes, bylines are also located at the bottom of the last page.


Lead is the first part of an article where the writer has to provide the overall summary of the article. It requires the basic facts about the topic.

This part of the newspaper article should be written very carefully and ideally because this is a portion that influences the readers to read the article thoroughly. Here, the readers decide whether they will continue reading or not.


After a good heading and well-written lead, now you need to write the story containing information from your research and from the interviews.

Here, you may include the statements as the quote that you have got from the interviews. The even should be written here in chronological order, and most of the sentences should be written in active voice.

Always try to provide a short, clear, and direct sentence to easily understand it. Another important thing is always to provide the most critical information in the earlier paragraph.


You must include the sources from where you have got the news. Try to collect more than one main source and some secondary sources. You can also include some statements of the witnesses to make the article more authentic to the readers.


Then, it is time to read the conclusion of your newspaper article. Here some last information and some critical statements of the paper should be written. It will also be an overall overview of the report by which readers will get the news in brief.

Use appropriate tone:

After making the perfect structure of your article, you need to make sure the piece is in the ideal tone. Making the sentences linguistically complex doesn’t make any sense there.

The article should be straightforward to read so that even children can read it very perfectly. Try to avoid indirect speech and make sure every information in the article is very clear.

Wrapping Up:

If you want to be a good newspaper article writer, you have to know that what people want to read., there are some rules, regulations, and guides on how to write a newspaper article, considering the choice of the newspaper article readers.

Here, we have given all the significant rules that you need to follow to write a newspaper article. Just follow these rules and conduct proofreading before submitting the article.

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