20+ Helpful Tech Gadgets Tips: The Ultimate Troubleshooting Guide

It is very ordinary for tech gadgets to behave strangely at times. Parts of the gadget might cease functioning and some will stop working at all. The fact is technologies are imperfect. When you buy them, it is never ensured that they will perform 100% exquisite. There can be a wide variety of issues provided with the tech gadgets from little glitches to have no power. However, everything has got a solution, so your tech gadgets do.

Many technical issues are resolved by making small repairs and re-perusing the directions. But not all of them work as directed, sometimes you need to be a bit extra efficient. Mostly gadgets are quite expensive but still you can save some bucks with the coupon codes and discounts available online. If you are lucky enough to get your favorite gadget at sale, you still need to be careful with them, as being unaware of the functionality and circuits can end their life instantly and they become of no use to you. Still, we manage to give our best on the 20+ helpful tech gadgets tips and tricks that are the ultimate guide on technical troubleshooting.

Restart your device:

Turning off and then on again has resolved many tech issues. Sometimes it’s a glitch in the software of the system or gadget and a bug is causing the gadget to not work or behave normally. Whether it’s your mobile phone, computer, printer, and even the sluggish internet. These issues are technically resolved by restarting them. Yet it is very effective.

Try changing the plug:

It often happens, the wires are unplugged and sometimes the wires are burnt to the thin line of copper that doesn’t work. Call an electrician to do this job, even though it’s not that difficult you can change the plug on your own too.

The gadget is giving current shocks when plugged in:

Unplug the switch, turn it to the 180-degree angle and switch it again. This works on a two-pin plug. You are safe now.

Revert your gadget to factory reset mood:

Every gadget has complex code to reset to factory defaults. In this option, devices and added applications and changes made to the gadget are removed and it sets back to the functionality that was made by its manufacturer. This way, any bought in error, bug, or virus is endorsed removed.

Your gadget is out of charge:

Try changing the batteries and cells. This is the most common reason that your gadget stops working. Batteries have life. They even melt when not in use for a very long time and sometimes their health period is over. You need to add new ones to your machine.


The battery is inserted completely and is in the correct direction, it should be fitted pleasantly and not free. Most batteries have a mark on them for which way the battery should lay.

Re-read the directions on the gadget:

Some gadgets are very simple to use and others are complicated that we don’t know. Must read the directions as they mention the correct use of it. Don’t blame the seller if you missed reading the directions and wronged the gadget.

If your gadgets seem difficult to pair with another device:

Try repairing them again. Change the wire. Unplug the port, blow in it to remove any dust, and plug it again. Move a port a little in and out, up and down. If it still didn’t work, you need to see it to the technician.

The sim cards should be embedded:

Into their right place as mentioned, the cards can be inserted anyways but they will not work properly until fixed in the right way.

Bring your devices home with the warranty card:

If the gadget does not have a loyalty card and warranty, it might be a fake product that can betray you anywhere.

When utilizing an SD card or a memory card:

It should be compatible with the device. Let’s say you are holding a 64-bit memory card but your device is allowed to hold a 32-bit memory card. That’s not your gadget’s fault. You should have read the functions your gadget is capable of before bringing them home.

Before getting into deep connections:

The improper behavior of the device, check out its main connectivity. Like if the speakers aren’t working, while connected to the pc or computer. See if the sound option is enabled in the computer sound options.

When something falls:

From your hand and it is broken now see if none of its wires or connectivity box loosens its place before gluing the pieces.

Don’t jump into repairing:

Don’t try to repair your tech gadgets yourself if you don’t have the full knowledge about them. If your laptop is rebooting, before factory resetting it, bring it to the computer technician. He can maybe repair it without losing your important files.


If the device is eating up too much battery, switch off the access. Like your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, extra applications running at the back end.

Must restart your devices in a day or three:

It gives a boost in performance and increases the lifespan of your device. Only perform a factory reset a last resort because you will lose all data and setting previously stored. Turning a device on and off can sometime create a power surge that gives a new device the necessary power it need on an initial boot up.

Be certain:

Watch out for all the connectivity, including wires and switches before unplugging the whole gadget and finding issues. If any of the wires are not connected properly, the device won’t start.

The remote stop working:

Not catching the line to the TV, AC, or your car, change the cells. Make sure you don’t slip them out of your hands. Falling from a height will become a problem for you. Repairing for the objects falling from a height becomes almost impossible.

Consider Google:

Surveys before an attempt to repair your tech gadget in case it gets into a problem. To check if Google can host with the better solution or it assure you that’s not a problem instead you are mistaken in any place.

Service every 6 months is important:

Clutter-free your devices and check every function if it is working properly. Especially heavy pieces of machinery. Like your TV, fridge, refrigerator, water dispenser. This will save you from a bigger disaster if any were to come.

Devices working slower:

Surely you didn’t give it a boost earlier. Switch it off and restart after a few minutes. In another case, the device has so much to hold on to, more than it is capable of. If we talk about your cell phone, delete the extra files or shift them on top of another device.

Getting your phone LCD:

Screensaver broken after a while, cover your phone with a rubber phone cover. That saves your mobile phone from getting hurt inside out.

Every problem comes with its solution:

If you are still finding difficulty in repairing your tech gadgets. Go through its documents that briefly explain its proper use, purpose, and customer service contact details that will help you to contact the company and get your gadget repaired for free. This case is only viable if the gadget has still got its warranty span. Else, read the steps to use it to unlock it and there you will see the solution to retrieve it. The third thing could be, take your device to the technician. He’s the ultimate solution to your strange behavior of the gadget. He will inform you about the issue and will also repair any part if needed.

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