5 Must-Learn Software Development Technologies For 2022

Nowadays, no sector of a country can survive without employing tech tools. Due to rapid advancements in software development technologies, our world is becoming more and more advance. Software development technologies are evolving rapidly, and new ones keep emerging. According to BLS, there were 1,622,200 jobs for software developers, QA analysts, and testers in 2021. And the projected growth rate for these jobs is 25% up till 2031.

The pandemic added to the fast growth of the software development industry. Due to lockdowns, every sector, from education to businesses, was only surviving because of technology. It was a huge reminder for the world that we need to equip ourselves with the latest technological developments to survive. Technology keeps evolving, and there is always something new to learn in this field.

If you want to kick-start your career as a software developer, you need to equip yourself with the knowledge of the latest software development technologies. Even if you are already working as a software developer, you need to acquire the latest knowledge to up your game. Here are five must-learn software development technologies for 2022.


Any discussion about software technology cannot omit JavaScript. JavaScript is the top programming language. Even though it has been around for decades, due to its versatility and constant evolving capability, it’s at the top of our list. JavaScript offers a range of useful frameworks and tools for app development. It can be used for different purposes, but most commonly, it’s used for app creation. In 2021, JavaScript was the second most wanted programming language.

More and more developers are learning this language to up their software development skills. You can learn JavaScript as well as other significant programming languages by joining a tech bootcamp to upgrade your coding skills. JavaScript experts get hired for a variety of projects by companies. Besides making software and applications, JavaScript is also used to create interactive web pages. 

Progressive Web Applications:

Progressive web applications (PWAs) combine apps and the web. PWAs enable a person to access and use an app and its website simultaneously. Google and Adobe have invested huge amounts of money in PWA this year. They can be very valuable for companies as they have many useful features like: –

  • PWAs are fast and can easily run on low connection
  • They are easy to develop
  • PWAs are highly responsive and function perfectly on all types of screens like a desktop, mobile, tablets, etc.
  • They are very progressive. Any user, browser, or location can easily access them

Thus, PWAs are handy to use, which is why they are the most talked about software development in 2022. With PWAs, there is no need to develop separate software or applications for android and IOS, thus saving the developer’s time and money for the company. You also won’t have to maintain your application on all platforms since there will be one version available and accessible by all. Every customer can download it to any device or use it on the web. PWAs have better security, attractive layouts, and improved user experience.

Artificial Intelligence:

There is no one left who hasn’t heard the words artificial intelligence. AI is the biggest software development trend, and it has enormous benefits. AI is designed to automate the monotonous, tedious tasks performed by humans. AI can learn the patterns of tasks and then perform them without human intervention. Big data and machine learning are the technologies that fall under the umbrella of artificial intelligence and enable its automation process.

With the help of AI, companies in all industries are saving up a huge amount of money in terms of labor costs. This is because s AI performs manual tasks effortlessly that were prone to human error or delays previously. Similarly, workers benefit from AI since it performs tasks quickly and without errors. So it takes less time for workers to recheck something, thus giving them more time to perform other tasks with higher efficiency and productivity. AI adds 6.2 billion hours to workers’ productivity. For businesses, AI generates up to $2.9 trillion in value. Thus, no software developer can look past learning AI software development technology, as its applicability and demand will only increase.


DevOps is an integration process that allows an enterprise’s software development and IT team to work together. Enterprises are always looking for DevOps experts since DevOps highly increases efficiency. When teams work together on projects, it leads to excellent performance. Any business can achieve project goals when all the operation teams connect easily. Using DevOps’ infrastructure, developers can deliver applications at high velocity. The merging of operations and developers teams assures a quality application as together they deploy and test software, focus on app lifecycle and code reliability, etc.

Another emerging tech is DevSecOps which integrates three teams, i.e., developers, operations, and security. This completes the package when the security team also gets integrated into DevOps. These three teams are the foundations of any company, and when these three merge, they work throughout the application lifecycle and create highly secure, fast, and effective outcomes.

Cyber Security:

With the advancements in technology, cybercrimes are also increasing. Nowadays, businesses are generating more data than ever, and there is a constant threat of data breaches. A cyber-attack happens every 11 seconds on businesses. The annual cost globally of cybercrime is approximately around $6 trillion. Thus, cyber security is the need of the hour and the most valued and demanded software development technology in 2022.

The demand for cyber security development is increasing so quickly that even estimated figures change continuously. By 2026, the market size of cyber security will grow to $345.4 billion, according to estimates. But even this tremendous growth gets labeled insufficient to provide decent security to businesses. Companies are focusing on cyber security because they are one big cybercrime away from losing it all despite their success in technological advancements and innovations. 


Technology and software developments have revolutionized the world. But software technology is an ever-growing field, and new advancements keep surfacing. A developer needs to attain knowledge of the latest software development technologies to up their game in this rapidly changing field. Learning at least one of the five software development technologies listed above will help you climb the success ladder in the tech world.