Tips for Securing Company Data with Remote Working

Remote working has increased in popularity, with many companies now allowing their employees to work remotely. With remote working, data security has become critical and a thing that every business must ensure. With employees working away from their work station, the level of data security is lower and at risk compared to working in their offices. Therefore, companies must find ways of securing sensitive data to prevent a breach that can happen from a single innocent action like opening a new email. Remote working is here to stay. That means companies have the job of finding ways to keep their data secure. If you have remote workers, here are a few tips to help you secure your data.

Instill Strong Security Policies

The first step to securing your sensitive data is instilling security policies. Having policies in your company that govern how data is handled and how mistakes are looked at is crucial. You need to educate your remote workers and offer protocols on data security. These protocols should be strictly adhered to. Therefore, teach your employees the importance of keeping data secure and how to identify threats.

Offer Training

Some attacks happen because employees are unaware of the danger or how to identify attacks. For instance, if employees know nothing about phishing, they are likelier to click on any email that comes their way, and that is how they let in a cyber-attack. It is up to you to train your employees early. Teach them how to be vigilant and how to recognize a threat. It is another effective way of minimizing data threats in your company.

Invest in Cloud Technology

Migrating to the cloud is one effective and surefire way of protecting your data from threats. To achieve this, you need to work with professionals for managed cloud computing. It uses a software-based strategy to create shifting surfaces that don’t offer loopholes for attacks. Cloud computing offers a secure way of keeping data safe rather than on in-premise servers that cybercriminals could easily attack.

Use Multifactor Authentication

Another way of keeping your company data secure is by encouraging multifactor authentication. There should be several steps that your employees must use to verify their identity before accessing sensitive data. This way, hackers will have difficulty accessing the data.

Maintain Cyber Hygiene

Employee training and cyber hygiene go hand in hand. Your company should have a culture that keeps your data security at the top. For instance, if employees have to use their personal devices, they must be scrutinized and the data in the devices encrypted. You can also remind your employees to use VPN when using public Wi-Fi and not click on any links they find on the internet.

Use the Zero-Trust Strategy

Remote working has put companies in vulnerable situations because of working in less secure working spaces. The best way to confirm data security is using the zero-trust strategy, which focuses on giving access to sensitive data to only a few people. Regardless of who wants to access the data, every employee must strictly identify themselves.


These are six effective ways of keeping your company’s sensitive data secure. Taking these security measures is paramount if your employees work remotely. Therefore, the company and the employees must be proactive and vigilant in securing sensitive data. Follow these measures to keep your company safe with remote working.