How To Manage Your Oracle Software

You can rely on Oracle software for your company’s most important data, both in the cloud and on-premises. But, your system has to be able to meet the demand of moving your business forward in the present data-driven world. 

Therefore, you should take proactive steps toward data management. Let’s get started!

Database Management and Oracle

Data management involves the maintenance, administration, and monitoring of database and database groups in your company. A major tool that you can use to manage your database environment is Enterprise Manager. For example, the enterprise Manager gives you:

  • Unparalleled scalability that would let you manage thousands of instances or a single database.
  • A complete set of integrated features that would allow you to manage Oracle databases.
  • Intuitive management of products that leads your industry in use and deployment ease.

Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Control

To manage your Oracle database, Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Control is a major tool that you can use. It is usually installed with the database. With comprehensive database monitoring, you would be able to identify problem areas that reduce performance in your database environment. 

After identifying such areas to improve, you can use the Enterprise Manager administration capabilities to increase your database performance. Oracle Enterprise Manager uses the Automatic Workload Repository (AWR) data to show database alerts and display performance information.

The user interface would display several drill-downs and real-time performance charts for your targets. Both instance-specific and aggregate performance statistics would be shown using color-coded charts that would be easier for viewing. 

You can identify the source and resolve the problem by clicking a legend link shown next to the chart. This would display a detailed chart that would show comprehensive information.

To monitor performance, the basic workflow is to go to the Database Performance page, which provides a comprehensive and high-level overview of important performance indicators.

When you use Enterprise Manager database control, you would be able to perform several administrative tasks like creating schema objects (indexes, views, tables, and others). While also managing database and storage, your security, backup, recovering data, and exporting and importing data.

You can take help from the experts to review Oracle license compliance for your Oracle applications and Oracle middleware and ensure that you use Oracle verified software management tools.

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Administering Databases

With Oracle Enterprise Manager, you would be able to keep your Oracle Databases running and available effectively. Enterprise Manager can also help database administrators to perform everyday tasks.

Specifically, it would provide a graphical user interface for managing database storage schemas and structures. Like database monitoring, Oracle database administration usually begins from the Oracle Database Home page. 

You can show an overview of your database performance and properties from this page. Just like Enterprise Manager monitoring can identify problem areas in your database and database groups, you can also administer your database using  

The Enterprise Manager administration tools; this administration tool would provide you with database objects management and help you initiate database operations inside the Oracle database.

Wrap Up 

You can manage and improve your Oracle software management with Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Control. You only need help from an expert.

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