6 Easy Yet Practical Ways To Revamp Your Digital Marketing Strategy Post Covid-19

Do you find it difficult to adjust your digital marketing approach to the new normal? You are not the only one who is struggling with the after-effects of the lockdown or the gruesome pandemic that we all have been through. Business entities have suffered equally or maybe even more.

According to a study on the impact of coronavirus on digital marketing agencies in the post covid era by Forbes, the Q2 of this year witnessed a 31.7% increase in the number of mobile app downloads!

Experts have pointed out time and again how several traditional enterprises have switched from in-person inquiry forms to digital forms to capture potential leads and customers. At this point of time, SEO seems to be the most “in-demand” service in the world. The increasing volume of online shoppers has necessitated websites to invest more time in digital marketing and SEO to make their presence felt and counted.

You too have noticed how your customers made a shift from the traditional brick-and-mortar stores to online platforms and it calls for a significant overhaul of your marketing tactics. It is time to evolve with your evolving customers. The right way to do that is by giving your digital marketing strategy a facelift.

You are bound to find it all a bit too overwhelming, but this strategy overhaul is vital for your survival. Get professional assistance from a reliable Business Mentor uk if you can’t do it all by yourself. Take this strategy to revamp as your test, one that you just have to excel at. Make it more relevant so that it enables your business to adapt to the changed attitudes and preferences of your customers.

The year 2020 was a time of big changes. However, 2021 is a year after the so-called “post-pandemic era” and to survive and thrive in this time and age what you will need to do is something quite radical. Well, almost.

1. Your Customer Has Changed, And So Should You

The online presence of your brand may have never felt more important than it feels right now. You know that your customers have changed a lot and so has their lifestyle. You want to adapt to the new normal and this is the only way to target them efficiently.

Communicate with them via channels that they prefer the most. Understand how the coronavirus has affected their demands and preferences. Find out what their priorities are and make those goods and services available to them.

2. Focus On Return On Investment

The influx of online shoppers in the past one year has been quite significant. Businesses have begun focusing on increasing their return on investment. Invest in the right tools and digital channels including conversational marketing, search engine optimization, and programmatic advertising, etc. You will soon notice how easily you are able to overcome any post-covid-19 syndrome that your business is struggling with.

3. Don’t Ignore Your Existing Customers

How can you possibly ignore your existing customers? Studies suggest that there will always be a significant portion of your customer base that will still be with you in spite of the monumental economic downturn that we have witnessed recently. You need to create services and specialized ad campaigns to retarget your existing customers so that they don’t forget about you.

Give them a reason to start buying from you again. They want free trials and more offers from you. Give them that and more if you can. This gesture of gratitude is something that your existing customers are never going to forget. Make all of this a part of your new digital marketing strategy this year.

4. Moving Everything Online Is A Great Move

If you haven’t done that yet, it is time to do it now. Another study has revealed that the US GDP also took a massive hit in the same quarter. It decreased by a staggering 9.5% as entrepreneurs struggled to keep the cash flowing in and their businesses afloat. This was due to their inability to stay relevant and accessible while the pandemic ravished us all. It presents the perfect opportunity to increase your online presence. There are several business functions apart from just marketing that you can move online seamlessly.

You can receive and manage your inventory, track your deliveries, manage and catalogue your receipts and invoices, and do a lot more with the power of the internet. You need to create a digital ecosystem for your customers and prospects alike. It is essential that you are available to them at their constant beck and call on the leading platforms that they prefer to use most frequently.

5. Facebook Ads Are Your Friends

In fact, not just Facebook ads but any kind of promotional content that you are able to put out there on the leading platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn are going to fetch sterling results. For example, Facebook ads have become quite affordable. They can help you showcase any recent developments that you have come up with in your business, especially post the covid-19 effects. If you have any discounts or promotions, you might be able to engage your customers even better.

You can use various other social media channels to target your customers and truly scale your business beyond its limits. Social media channels give you a very granular approach when it comes to targeting your audience based on their gender, location, profession, hobbies, interests as well as marital status.

6. User Behavior Analysis

User behavior analytics is the study of… well, user behavior, as the name suggests quite clearly. Let us explain this with an example. The quarantine measures taken by every country around the globe didn’t just encourage a completely new shopping habit among your consumers. It also changed the way they consumed content online among many other things. A glimpse of what unfolded thereafter is below:

  • Shopping for daily needs on online apps to avoid long lines and crowds had become the new normal
  • Logistics companies, courier professionals and delivery personnel had begun to profit immensely from the sale of both essential and non-essential goods
  • YouTube became the most used search engine and entertainment venue during the lockdown beating Google and several other over the top platforms

It is quite clear to say that this global event was able to alter the perspective and behavior of your average consumer.

The wise thing to do here is to reassess and redesign your current marketing efforts. Give them a facelift to suit the evolved needs of your evolved customer.


You have already seen how everyone seems to be spending much more time online than ever before. Traditional forms of marketing still exist but digital marketing has gained momentum ever since the lockdown happened. People will continue to avoid any close contact for a long time now.

Even the most eye-catching advertisements on the most strategically placed billboards will have little to no importance. This is where you come in with your digital marketing strategy. Not happy with it? Change it! Still not satisfied? Go in for a complete overhaul. At least that’s what I would do.

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