Top Social Bookmarking Sites To Boost SEO In 2020

Social bookmarking is a key player in the SEO and digital marketing campaign. This blog portraits an enhanced view of social bookmarking sites and their features.

What is social bookmarking?

It is an act of saving web bookmarks on the public domain. The domain saved can be tagged with keywords for easy recognition of the website by search engines.

What is social bookmarking sites in SEO?

Social bookmarking is bookmarking a website on your browser. Web surfers will make bookmark websites that are up to their metrics. Social bookmarking sites are web pages where you can view your bookmarks online.

Social bookmarking sites can be used to customize the user’s bookmarks online. It can provide better search engine optimization. It can energize the backlinks of search engines. Marketing contents in bookmarking sites can increase the site traffic.

Why use Social Bookmarking sites?

Social bookmarking sites are a wonderful aid in the marketing campaign. These are social search engines from where bookmarks can be identified. These sites can be used to share bookmarks with others. Marketers can identify and edit bookmarks online. This increases the value of the marketing site.

How to do Social Bookmarking?

Social bookmarking is the best way to customize the cyber domain. Users can bring the maximum out of the social bookmarking sites with the following steps.

Marketers should post their content along with other better content. This may increase the value of the post. More visitors will be attracted to the post when it has quality content.

Include comments and reviews with your marketing post. This may increase traffic to your post.

Social bookmarking can be done with the following steps.

  • Explore and choose a bookmarking site with high visitors.
  • Login and submit the web address to be bookmarked.
  • Make sure the title and descriptions are keyword rich.
  • Add more engaging features to the content by providing relevant images.

Benefits of social bookmarking?

  • Social bookmarking with its customizing features can be used widely in marketing strategy.
  • It is useful in guiding targeted clients to the business.
  • It increases the site authority and backlinks for SEO.
  • Simple user-friendly operations.
  • It provides better accessibility to users.
  • Users can share the bookmarks with their community. Also, they can provide comments, ratings, and reviews on the bookmarks.

Top Social Bookmarking sites list:

social bookmarking sites list

Image source:

Social Bookmarking sites will have bookmarks of different customers. This customer data can portrait the needs of the customer. This data will assist in the marketing campaign. It also increases the visitors to your website. The top social bookmarking sites are explained below.

1. Twitter

Website URL:

Domain Authority: 100

Twitter is a simple and excellent platform among the social bookmarking site lists. All you have to do is to login and post your favored sites. This will automatically create bookmarks of the posted site. The bookmark sites can be viewed again by the user.

Posts from other users related to your willingness will be displayed on the page. Users can also create bookmarks, simply by liking the quality posts of other users.

2. Folkd

Website URL:

Domain Authority: 87

This genuine social bookmarking tool can be used as an excellent aid for online bookmarking. This will enable the user to view the most appropriate content of their preference. Also, users can like the best posts.

The best links can be shared with friends through email and social media platforms. Users can also follow genuine users to view their posts. The collection of bookmarks available in the user account can be organized with this site.

3. Pinterest

Website URL:

Domain Authority: 98

Pinterest provides suggestions to the user based on their search history and bookmarks. This bookmarking site is having a huge audience. Users can post their feeds as pins on Pinterest. As Pinterest is password-protected, the high-level security features to user accounts.

4. StumbleUpon

Website URL:

Domain Authority: 94

StumbleUpon is a platform by which the user can explore their personalized content. Also, this tool can be used to suggest web recommendations to the users. The web site is available as browser toolbar and mobile applications.

5. Reddit

Website URL:

Domain Authority: 98

Reddit is a social media platform that provides website ratings. Ratings to the website are provided based on the bookmarks. User can bookmark their favorite website and view them later. Also, the account holders can like and share posts of other users.

6. Pocket

Website URL:

Domain Authority: 92

This social bookmarking site can be used for saving websites by bookmarking them. Users can explore the site to identify their favorite posts. This site can save user’s time for reaching their interested sites. This site can be accessed by a desktop browser, availed as mobile applications.

7. Dribbble

Website URL:

Account-holders can visualize and save creative works of different users from this site. This web page is fully stuffed with feeds and posts of designers and creators. Designs and posts of experts can be viewed and saved for future access. Also, users can create posts that can attract peoples.

8. Slashdot

Website URL:

Domain Authority: 92

This forum is based on user reviews and news posts on various products. The posts and feeds of different products can be viewed and bookmarked for future access. The bookmarked posts can be shared with social media platforms.

Here is the list of high DA(domain authority) & PA(page authority) social bookmarking sites:


The list of data taken from


What are social bookmarking sites used for?

Users can access and edit their bookmarks online with the aid of social bookmarking sites. Bookmarking sites can be used by marketers to build backlinks for a business site. Backlinks can produce a better reach to the business site.

Why social bookmarking is important?

Backlinks can elevate the traffic to marketing sites. For the Search engine optimization backlinks are very important. With the help of social bookmarking sites, the backlinks of the site can be increased.

How do bookmarks work?

Bookmarks can be created and saved for future reference. The selected page should be bookmarked with a unique name to identify it. The favorite website can be accessed by selecting the assigned name of the bookmark.

What is bookmarking in digital marketing?

The process of linking the user's bookmarks to social media platforms is called social bookmarking. Social bookmarking is important in digital marketing. They can be used to identify targeted customers for a product.

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