6 Revolutionary Technologies You Should Be Aware Of In 2022

There is a lot that is going on in the market at the moment. There are numerous technologies today that promise to make your business more efficient and productive. Google Drive, Dropbox, Skype, and highly responsive websites are the norm but you need to move beyond them if you want to be more successful in the future. Let’s have a look at these technologies and how they seem to be more promising than anything else you have already seen.

1. Smart Glasses

Smart glasses are going to be the new rage in the coming days. Google Glass was just the beginning. Enterprises such as Apple, Xiaomi, Samsung, and Facebook have jumped into this race. They are battling with one another to produce the most awesome version of smart glasses out there. As soon as mass production of these gadgets begins, the user will be able to get the highest quality Bluetooth capabilities along with DSLR-quality cameras, an improved global positioning system, an inbuilt microphone, video viewer, gigantic information storage, accelerometers, and a lot of features.

Experts believe that these glasses will even be able to replace the heavy smartphones that people carry in their pockets which means that your promotional content will soon have to be “glasses-friendly.”

2. Wearable Electronic Gadgets

The market of wearable smart devices is going to get even crazier with time. Smart glasses and smart watches are only the beginning. Other wearable devices will easily connect with your body becoming virtually a part of your being. A few examples include smart earbuds that can monitor and gauge your heart rate, contact lenses that can assess your blood sugar level and blood pressure, temporary tattoos that allow you to use NFC technology, and so much more.

The use of these technologies for furthering businesses is still debatable but only time will tell how they impact enterprises around the globe.

3. Industry-Specific Software Platforms

There are several industry-specific software platforms available for various enterprises today. They cater to real estate with DIY landlord software tools, restaurants and hotels with inventory management solutions and custom booking and delivery apps, construction and development, plumbing and electrical services, HVAC repair and maintenance services with technician management apps, and a lot more.

The biggest advantage of using these software platforms is that they keep all the concerned parties in the loop and constantly connected. They assist in maintenance management and employee tracking as well. They make it possible for businesses to achieve more efficiency and productivity with minimal investment and just a slight learning curve.

4. Artificial Intelligence

Siri, Cortana, Bixby, and Google are a few instances of AI and machine learning algorithms being implemented in your smartphone operating systems. Another relevant example is that of AI photography which became mainstream with various smartphone brands across the globe.

Automatic enhancement of the skin tone, contrast balancing, HDR capabilities, and face recognition were a few features that took mobile photography to the next level for millions of users worldwide. AI is being touted as an enabler. Due to its wide capabilities, it can automate several of your business functions and reduce human error greatly.

5. Renewable Energy Of The Future

The human race is soon going to abandon fossil fuels for good. The technology of the future is going to ensure a cleaner and more sustainable planet. Wind energy in addition to solar power and electricity generated from hydrogen is going to be some of the highly preferred renewable sources of energy shortly.

From wheat, rice, and algae to decomposable waste, innovators are looking for the next big source of energy that can power your electric cars, houses, and large factories as well. This is a major advancement that promises to change the manufacturing industry of the entire world. It is going to make every business a lot more environmentally friendly and sustainable for the coming generations.

6. Displays Without Screen

You have already seen what 3D holograms can do. These are not the ingredients of science fiction movies anymore. Your screens will become a thing of the past. You will be able to display content in thin air. It is an interactive projection technology. It is meant to solve the problem of device miniaturization. This tech is also capable of doing away with the issue of lack of space on modern displays and gadgets. 


These technologies are intrinsically diverse. They have a different impact on every industry. Right from manufacturing to energy to retail and even smartphone photography, everything is going to witness a massive transformation. This is the power of technology.

John Peter

John is a professional technology blogger who has been doing blogging for the last 5 years. He loves to write & share content about web development, software programming, digital marketing, SEO, social media, tech gadgets, etc.