Pros and Cons of the Wix Website Builder

Wix website builder is an essential tool that assists individuals to make their Presence online through drag and drop boundaries. It is effortless to use, especially for starters, as you are not required to have any coding experience. Beginners are only required to have a working email address to get hosted at the servers. Creating a website with Wix builder is fast, easy, and cheap, especially for small businesses.

However, before you start your website, it is better to inquire from a web design expert. This will enable you to establish better security measures that will protect your website from any fraud. If you want to open an account with Wix website builder, here are the pros and cons you should know

Pros Of Wix Website Builder

Perfect Site Speed

You do not have to worry about speed if you have a website with Wix builder. Generally, it maintains an average rate of 80% and is very convenient to its users. Wix website builder is recommended because it is pocket-friendly, and anyone can afford it.

In most cases, only big corporates have enough resources to install progressive software that boosts their websites’ speed. With Wix, the rate connects automatically and serves you better, a perfect reason you should try it.

Gathers Huge Templates

Any good website should have a template system for use. This assists the creators who start from scratch with a perfect reserve, inspiring them to advance what they do. Wix website builder offers their users a variety of templates to select from. Not all website builders have this feature, and, in many instances, they end up discouraging the customers. 

If you are interested in making an ecommerce platform, always use the Wix website builder because they also provide online store templates.

Spontaneous Drag and Drop Boundary

The drag and drop interface is the foundation of the Wix website builder. It is very simple to use as you do not require advanced experience. The easiness has enabled the platform to attract several individuals to enjoy the services. Suppose it is your first time; you do not have to worry because Wix web builder is not complicated as other platforms. 

Similarly, Wix builder has a mobile editor which assists you to open and edit your site as you desire it to appear on the device.

Promotes Online Posting

If you love online marketing, Wix builder is there for you to achieve your dream. It has tools that will assist you in promoting your ideas on social media platforms. It works as a basic photo editor, and all you are required to do is select an image and then generate writing that matches it before sharing it with your audience. 

You don’t have to depend on several programs to sustain your accounts because you can work in one place.

Cons Of Wix Website Builder

Templates are Not Interchangeable

Nothing is disappointing than being unable to transfer your data to other templates. Wix website builder has no support for this, and therefore, you should be very careful at the beginning to select the best template. It is time-wasting because if you get another idea in the future, you will have to transfer all the content manually from the original template.

Quality Strategies are Single-Site

Before opening a website with Wix builder, you should understand that the premium monthly fee is only for restricted sites. You do not have permission to access it all at once, making it a little more expensive. 

However, you do not have to worry because there are several WIX alternatives that you can select and still enjoy the same services.

Not Ideal for Huge Websites

Suppose you want to open an extensive website that requires advanced coding and cloud technology. It only deals with basic computer knowledge hence cannot support massive data. It can only handle less than 30 pages because the steering system can not manage compound substructures. 

The builder has only two levels; hence not ideal for big corporates that deal with extensive content.


Although Wix website builder has some disadvantages, it remains the best platform for any beginner because of its user-friendliness. Likewise, it is economical hence affordable, especially to the small enterprises.

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