Alert- Introducing Yealink for Microsoft Teams Across Voice and Video!

One of the leading global unified communications solution providers- Yealink, has made a big announcement. Yealink is all set to deliver new video and audio devices for Microsoft Teams. And, this includes shared devices and personal devices. The best part about this leading technology is that it helps cover various scenarios, including offices, large conference rooms, and huddle rooms.

The unified communications solution provider expands its device portfolio for Microsoft teams across voice and video devices. And Microsoft Teams, then embed with Teams application for producing a consistent user interface that incorporates features like calling and meeting.

What’s even better is that this one-stop portfolio makes it easy for customers to select solutions. These usually are the solutions they look forward to seeking and collaborating using equipment from a single vendor. With a swift movement of Office 365, customers shift from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams. And, here’s when Yealink dispenses a flexible and diverse device portfolio.

Know that this transformation helps in simplifying the device transition during migration.

In addition to Skype for Business IP phones, the audio devices too can find easy upgrades from Skype for Business to Teams. The video devices (Skype Room Systems) are also compatible with Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams. And, that’s what makes yealink IP phones an ideal solution for office workers and conference rooms.

Yealink’s T4S and T5 series of Microsoft-certified desk phones have devices that range from entry-level to premium. These usually include conference phones for huddle rooms and large conference rooms.

Yealink’s Android-based desk phones help customers secure their future investments. And, in turn, allows better device planning that comes into use during migration from Skype for Business to Teams. Also, the conference phones have upgrade capabilities for allowing a smooth transition from Skype for Business to Teams through a device firmware update.

  • Yealink- a Video Solution for Huddle Rooms and Desktops

Yealink’s Android-based series helps meet the increasing demand for high-quality huddle room video solutions. Also, with touchscreen monitors, the series extends the Teams user experience and enables clients to enjoy easy video collaboration through a low learning curve.

  • Skype Room Systems for Boardrooms and Mid-Sized Rooms:

Yealink’s Skype Room Systems include MVC500, which works wonders with small rooms as well as huddle rooms. MVC800, on the other hand, helps medium-sized and larger rooms. In Yealink solutions, the three-microphone array and apt soundbar deliver superior audio quality.

The primary aim behind this thought process is to bring joint customers through an easy collaboration device experience. What’s even better is that Yealink has been making constant efforts to expand its device portfolio. These efforts come to light by introducing newer video solutions for their meeting rooms. Also, this swears to provide customers with high-quality and flexible options for bringing the Teams experience to pre-existing space and users.

Know that T56A and T58A have certifications for Microsoft Skype for Business.

The Bottom Line

The IP network is undergoing significant changes owing to new developments and technological advancements. However, there’s never been a better time to associate with fully equipped systems and Microsoft collaborations.

All you’ve to do is research a bit and get started with reaping the benefits Yealink has to offer.

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