The Best 7 Days to Die Server Hosting Companies

7 Days to Die is a survival game set in an open environment that allows players to gather resources, make equipment, establish a base and kill adversaries. Even after being in Alpha for a few years now, the game is still popular among zombie survival game players.

In this game, you may build the ultimate world, increase your choice of five distinct skill trees, fight 50 different species of zombies, demolish buildings, collect items to keep you alive, and so on. If you plan to host your own 7 Days to Die server, make sure your system has at least 8 GB RAM, but 16 GB would be ideal for the workload. 

The greatest 7 Days to Die Server Hosting Companies are all listed here, so you can always pick the one that best suits your needs.

GTX Gaming

GTX Gaming starts at just $10 a month, making them an excellent choice as a host. The company has a 7 Days to Die-specific control panel, which is a nice touch. Additionally, beginners will have no problem using the interface because of the basic sliders and text input areas, while experienced gamers will appreciate more complex capabilities.

GTX Gaming offers 7 Days to Die modifications, free DDoS protection, and a 24-hour refund if you’re not completely happy with your purchase.

You may swap out your 7 Days to Die server for any other game at no additional cost using GTX Gaming’s free game switching function. They even save your server settings so you may swap between servers.


PingPerfect is another excellent 7 Days to Die hosting firm, but a little more pricey. With a minimum slot count of 12, their servers cost $0.98 per slot, translating to a base price of $11.76.

However, PingPerfect gives complimentary web hosting with each gaming server, allowing you to establish an online community. Excellent customer service and high-quality performance are two more reasons to use PingPerfect.

Host Havoc

Host Havoc is yet another high-ranking service out there. They’re the most costly 7 Days to Die Server Hosting provider for tiny servers, but if you’re renting a large server, they’re rather cost-effective.

Hosting Havoc features a tiered pricing scheme, in which the price per slot decreases as the number of slots you have grows. Your monthly cost will increase with additional slots, but the price per slot decreases, so you’re getting more for your money.

This is one of the best-performing servers with quite a highly responsive customer support team. Still, for individuals looking to run a tiny server on a budget, they’re not the ideal option because of their minimum monthly charge of $14.

Bottom Line

7 Days to Die is a terrific game, but it’s much better when played with friends. Budget-conscious users have the option of building their own server, although renting a server is typically the best alternative.

Renting from a hosting firm has several advantages, like better performance, continuous availability, and a knowledgeable support team. Aside from their unbeatable features, these 7 Days to Die server hosting providers above are the best on the market today.

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