7 Advice for IT Professionals Working From Home

Working from home has become mandatory or forced due to the new coronavirus pandemic taking place worldwide. People who are unique to work from home for a more extended period are getting mentally depressed due to fewer interactions, lack of facilities like the internet connection in remote places, without a personal laptop, etc. Now let’s see the advice to overcome such issues.

Wake Up Early

Wake up at 7 am and have your routine, including your shower, brushing, dressing, etc. By doing this, your brain gets fresh and is ready to work. Also, if you are allowed to go out, have a walk, or go jogging. If you have a dog, take it for a walk. If you cannot go out, no problem, do yoga or walk on your house terrace. It’s essential to get fresh air in the morning.

Arrange Your Workplace

Never work on the bed, as you may be tempted to sleep. Have an office chair or a pillow behind your ordinary chair to reduce your back pain. Have a table to a height comfortable for you to work else you would acquire back pain. Make sure there is enough light while working to reduce the risk of your eyes getting stressed. You need to have a fan or an air-conditioner to reduce the heat of your laptop.

Working For Hours

You have people to interact within an office, whereas you feel lonely at work from home. This leads to depression. My advice would be to set a time for your work. Like if you are working for 45 minutes, take a five minutes break. If you are working for an hour, take ten to fifteen minutes break. Schedule your rest time in this way to reduce pressure and headache.

Listen to music, spend time with your family, etc. to reduce depression. Have your meals at the right time. Keep your water bottle, snacks, etc. near you to don’t get up often. Have doubts, clarify it with the concerned person to avoid mistakes.

Avoid Distractions

Avoid watching the news for long hours as it creates anxiety due to this new virus. If you have kids at home, ask one of your family members to take care or buy them toys they haven’t played before so that they don’t distract you from your work. Avoid personal calls during work hours.

Log out from social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, etc. as they rule out your time. If your house is always noisy, invest in a noise cancellation headphone or maintain a separate room. Try to control emotions like family problems, firing from the manager, and so on. Don’t work with the emotions as you tend to make mistakes.

Spend Time Wisely

Due to this pandemic, you have a lot of time to do additional courses to improve your skills. As we all know, you need to get updated with the latest technology to stay the best. We have a lot of time for all this.

You can make use of the traveling time prevailing during work. Attend workshops to learn hands-on-training for your new skills. In this way, you become confident with the subject. Try taking an internship based on the new talent, so that you will get an experience to work on it for a short time.

Internet Connections Or Not Having A Personal Laptop

Remote places such as people who live in the village face this internet issue. They can use Wi-Fi or shift themselves to a place where there is no much internet lag or bad connection.

People who don’t own a personal laptop can rent one if they are financially weak or buy one through EMI. In case you do have a good internet connection, you can use routerlogin for better stability. Nothing else can be done to solve these problems. You need to adjust to the situation.

Disconnect When Your Work Hours Get Completed

Stop your work and rest yourself as you have worked from morning till evening. You need a break. Have a video calling with friends or with positive-minded people. This will boost your positive mind growth and relaxes your mind. Watch a movie with your family, play with your kids as they too want you and try cooking or cutting vegetables. Remember, you also have to take care of yourself and spend time with your family at the end of the day.


Remember, this is not a permanent solution. We hope and pray that things get changed soon. Until then, life has to move on with this routine. Also, have self-discipline and be truthful to your work. I hope you liked my advice. Thanks for spending your time reading. Stay home! Stay safe!

John Peter

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