Twitter Hacks Worth Trying This New Year

Over the years, Twitter has emerged as one of the most acclaimed social media platforms, with a massive and ever-growing fan following. Brands can extend their reach, and consumers can build connections through the network. It is also great for staying in touch with friends, family, and coworkers through the quick exchange of messages. You can post Tweets with text, photos, videos, and links to speak your mind. But there’s much more you can do with the platform. You may learn something new about its capabilities every day. Let us share some Twitter hacks worth trying this New Year.

Try optimizing the frequency and timing of Tweets

When you use Twitter for business, you can try optimizing the frequency and timing of your tweets. Beginners hardly know anything about how often and when to tweet, but some basic principles to help. Consider your target audience to decide on the optimal frequency because you will not want to push too hard. Business users should consider tweeting throughout the day instead of sticking only with business hours.

Think of community building

Although community building does not sound like a quick hack, you must embrace the mindset from the beginning. Of course, the platform is excellent for quick tweets and promotions. But you must think beyond just sharing promotional material or voicing your opinion. The best way to extend your reach and consolidate connections is by building a community and growing it over time.

Download videos and GIFs

Twitter is a compelling platform when it comes to content because it is starkly different from what you see on channels like Instagram and Facebook. You may find screenshots of viral Tweets on many popular accounts on Instagram. You can easily download videos and GIFs using a Twitter Video Downloader to re-share on another platform. The process is a breeze, so you need not worry about missing out on a creative piece.

Get more traffic with a second link

Another Twitter hack worth trying this New Year is to integrate a second link into your bio. Besides a link leading to the main page of your website, you can use another one for your company’s blog. Likewise, you may combine a link to a campaign’s landing page with one to your newsletter. Consider the current objective to select a relevant set of links for your Twitter bio.

Create a branded business hashtag

Hashtags can boost your Twitter campaigns with quick reach to the target audience. However, you can do much more with creative ones. This year, you can go the extra mile by creating a branded hashtag for your business. It enables your audience to view all the tweets about your brand, even the ones not having your Twitter name. Moreover, they can help you keep track of tweets relating to a specific campaign.

You can take your business a long way with Twitter promotions, provided you craft a viable marketing strategy. Think beyond the usual tactics, and use these quick hacks to exceed expectations.

John Peter

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