How to Use Videos for Instagram Video Ads

Instagram is an enormous social media platform. With millions of users that actively post and share content on the platform, it would not be sensible to miss out on the advertising opportunity the platform provides to businesses.

More than one million businesses actively advertise their products on Instagram. Just imagine the potential volume of users you can push your content to through using videos for your ads on the platform. With an eighty-percent increase in the watching period for the platform, it’s time you upped your marketing strategy and used videos for Instagram ads.

How to Use Videos for Insta-Ads

Instagram actually offers businesses a range of different features which they can take advantage of. These video ad based features might just be a normal thing for the average user but to a businessman – such as yourself – they are incredible, optimized elements that can be incorporated into a full-fledged marketing strategy.

Let us take you through these features and the possible ways you can showcase your product line through them by using video ads:

  • Stories

Instagram stories is the first weapon in your arsenal that you need to market your product with. Insta-stories are short, ephemeral media which can be used to upload visual content in the form of an image or a short video clip.

You can use this incredible feature by Instagram in the following, highly purposeful ways:

  • You can introduce your company on a daily basis with little variation every time
  • The benefit of this is that any new viewer on the page can actually come to know what you do, even if it is just a casual user
  • You can use them to daily remind your existing customers of product features and services availability
  • You can post a regular update or daily fix to introduce new users to what your products do
  • Another excellent use for story timelines is that you can announce new dates for upcoming products and when their expected availability is. Clients prefer a business who can keep them updated at regular intervals

If you are looking for a short video which you can make without a lot of post-production processing but should be long enough to convey your product message, then Instagram stories are worth looking into.

  • In-Feed Videos

In-feed videos or normal videos are also a perfect tool to use when marketing your product line through ads. These are 60-seconds long and can be used efficiently to tell what your product is all about and what problems can you solve with it.

Most advertisers will frame and shoot an entire video about their product and the associated benefits. Then they will chop that video up into small-step-based or phase-based frames which will play at an increased speed but one which is intelligible – one which can be understood easily.

This effectively helps advertisers tell users what their product is all about in the short ads which are effective and don’t have any chance of annoying viewers – since they are not lengthy, which can end up becoming boring.

You can build an entire portfolio of such video ads which can be kept on profile for a certain amount of time before you update them. Once the campaign for a certain product ends, you can remove them. 

Not only will these ads significantly influence your audience but will mentally push them towards buying your products. This is called repetitive marketing and it will significantly increase conversions.

  • IGTV

IGTV or Instagram TV is another big feature that you can take advantage of. For example, you want to put out more details of an entire product line or just generally tell your viewers more about what your company is and the essence of your vision and values etc. This feature will help you do exactly that.

Videos on IGTV can be up to 60-minutes long. That gives you an entirely different value than the one you had before with in-feed videos and story timeline utilization. In that 60-minute expanse, you can do so much.

Think about things like:

  • Promotional starting videos
  • Long-term advertisements
  • Speeches, conferences etc.

Any other thing that comes to your mind that requires an elongated video length, you can absolutely make use of IGTV to execute that. You do not need to resize videos for Instagram or make a necessary longer video any shorter. Just push it to IGTV.

  • Carousel Ads

Carousel ads are also a creative way to add more value to your simple story ads. These can incorporate flashing graphics to increase user attention and user interest while viewing the video ad.

This is how you can use videos for Instagram ads. Any other type of advertising videos that you have made will surely be complemented by the video features of the platform. 

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Tips for Better Video Marketing on Instagram

There are some tips that we would like to give you as a step-further in helping you achieve your marketing goals. While using Instagram for your video ads, please consider the following:

  • Know the Platform

The first step is to know the platform – by this, we mean not the platform actually but how it works. If you have had a person account on Instagram, you might have noticed that when scrolling, videos in the feed play automatically. However, the audio for these videos is muted by default which is enabled by a tap on the visual playing at that moment.

Making note of this, it is important to depend on not only voice narration in your ad but also texts and typography – so you don’t miss out on a user who doesn’t go the extra step to touch the thumbnail and hear the audio. 

  • Know Your User

Try to investigate social media trends that highlight user behavior in specific segments that you are specifically trying to target. This will increase your conversion rates as well as increase views and clicks on your content.

So the punchline here is to know your user.

  • Short & Concise 

Short and concise things and content is easier to remember and has been found to be very impactful as compared to longer videos. It is very similar to writing a very long sentence with difficult words which does nothing but confuses the user and is really hard to keep up with – much similar to this sentence that you just read.

Therefore, keeping things short and simple – to understand and to follow – is the key.

  • Textual-ize

This is basically a reiteration of a previous point. Instagram does not depend on voice and audio. So you need to combine texts along with visuals to maximize your impact and the effect of that impact. 

You can easily judge whether or not your content and ads are really impactful or not. This will directly lead to your sales increase and revenue increase – resulting from conversions and increase viewership.

There you have it! The ways in which you can make use of the Instagram platform and use videos to run as Instagram video ads. 

So why are you still here? – Let’s go increase your conversions with Instagram video ads!

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