What Is the Easiest Way to Edit Ecommerce Product Photo?

Good quality photos play a huge role in business success. When you have good pictures for your products, you can easily reach your customer on a broader level. On the contrary, bad-quality photos may create a bad impression among the customers.

That is why professional photos are very important for any online business. You can also make a photo look more professional and high-end by editing them. You can simply hire an e-commerce photo editing service to edit your photos, or you can do it by yourself too.

Here’s the easiest way to edit a product photo. Keep reading.

7 Easiest way to edit a product photo

In some cases, you may not have the budget for a professional photographer. Then again, you have an alternative option. You can make your photos look very professional by editing them, using some prominent and popular editing software (i.e. Photoshop).

Besides, you can remove the background, adjust the color, and remove the blemishes using Photoshop. But now, you may wonder how you can easily edit your product photos?

Well, to do all of these things by Photoshop, you may need to follow certain steps. Here are some easy steps for you. 

Let’s get started.

1. Removing the unwanted background:

This is the first and foremost thing you can do while editing a product photo. Almost in every product photo, you will notice that the background is eliminated and replaced with a white background. The reason is that the white background is always eye-catching and recommended to use in product photos.

There are also some additional benefits of white background in a product photo. Especially when the background is white, the customer will not distract by other unwanted objects of the product photo. As a result, their focus will be on the product only.

If you want to remove the background of the product in Photoshop, you need to use the quick selection tool first. To use the quick selection tool in Photoshop, find the ‘select and mask’ option. Then you can carefully select the entire photo and change the background.

2. Removing the unwanted blemishes from the photo:

Another thing that you should focus on while editing a product photo is to remove the unwanted blemishes. It will look very neat and clean when you remove all the unwanted blemishes from the picture. And this is how you can give that photo a high-end look.

In some cases, the blemishes are very tiny and invisible. In that case, you need to zoom in and out to find out the unwanted marks and remove them. You can use the healing brush from the left corner of Photoshop to remove it.

If you want to give a detailed look and remove the blemishes in the depth level, you can use the clone stamp tool. You will also find this tool in the top left corner of Photoshop. This tool will allow you to copy the pixels from one place to another, and then you can paste them wherever you want. Thus, you can give your photo a more natural look.

3. Color correction of the photo:

Color also plays a vital role in a photo. Especially when a product photo, the picture color should be colorful, bright, and eye-catching.

In product photo editing, color correction is an essential part. It includes adjusting the white balance, adjusting the exposure, saturation, and so on.

To do this, the first thing you need to do is to white balance. You will notice that every photo does not have the same lighting and color. That is why you may need to increase it or decrease it by adjusting the white balance.

The next thing you need to do is, adjusting the exposure and contrast. Some photos have dark areas and shadows that make the photo look very normal.

In that case, by adjusting the exposure and contrast, you can make your photo look alive. You can also adjust the hue and saturation to make the image look more attractive and natural.

4. Changing the color of the products:

This is a very useful step for product photo editing. When you have the same product in various colors, you may not have the photo for each color. In that case, you can simply change the color of your product by editing that photo.

To change the color of your object, you need to use the hue and situation tool more often. These two features will help you change the color and adjust the natural look of your product. But when your product color is white, black, or grey, these features may not be suitable for you.

5. Increase the depth and sharpness of the photo:

For advertising, there is no alternative to sharp photos. Because sharp photos are easily eye-catching and attractive. To increase the sharpness of your photo, you can click on the filter tap. Then you will find sharpen option, and after that, select the un-sharp mask button.

You will find a new window will pop up on the screen; now, you can adjust the amount of the depth and radius of your photo. This is how you can increase the depth and sharpness of your product photos.

6. Adding shadows:

Adding shadow can give your picture another dimension. An image with a shadow will look alive and natural. As a result, you can easily draw the customer’s attention. There are several effects by which you can add shadows to your pictures.

Additionally, there are various types of shadow effects that you can use on your product photos. Such as reflection shadows, drop shadows, and many more. But reflection shadows are more common for product photos where there will be a reflective shot in the photo surface.

7. Cropping and final touch:

After your editing, the last thing you need to do is crop and Straighten your photo. You need to make sure of the size and dimension of your image. That is why straightening the photo in the right dimension is very important.

If you are not sure about the straightening, you can get help from smart guides. You will find these features in Photoshop. You can also use various templates to make your photo look uniform and consistent.

Bottom line:

Editing product photos is very simple and fun. If you know how to do it correctly, you can give another dimension to your photos. This is how you can also catch the attention of your potential customers. For e-commerce, product photo editing is an essential part.

If you find editing and all those things confusing, you can seek help from an e-commerce photo editing service. They will make sure quality and high-end photos for your business. Hopefully, this writing will initially help you edit the product photo for your business.

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