6 Key Business Functions That Can Be Easily Outsourced

Research has revealed that more than a third of all small businesses prefer to outsource vital business tasks to ease the load on their in-house staff and improve productivity. There is no need to burden your in-house team with labor-intensive tasks or jobs that require a high level of expertise when you can bring in an outsourced team to help get the work done in a timely fashion. Here are some key business functions that you can easily outsource.

Administrative functions

Over the years, virtual assistants have become increasingly popular due to their value to managers and employees worldwide. A virtual assistant will tackle mundane yet time-consuming tasks such as responding to emails and scheduling meetings while dealing with more pressing concerns. Depending on your budget, you can hire a virtual assistant for affordable rates.

Customer service

If your business deals with numerous calls from customers who want to make inquiries, you understand how hectic the business can get. You can easily outsource customer service by redirecting the calls to an external call center. However, keep in mind that this external team will be dealing with your customers directly. Therefore, before you outsource this key department, ensure you give clear instructions to the team at the call center to avoid losing customers.


Balancing ledgers can be a headache if you are not a financial expert. However, you need to ensure that your books meet a certain standard for the authorities to consider your business compliant. It is best to outsource key accounting tasks such as bookkeeping so that you can focus on other core tasks such as the growth and development of your business. For that, understanding the role of CFO in small businesses is essential. Any organization, whether it’s a start-up or a mature company, can benefit from having a CFO work with them. Therefore, if you’re thinking of hiring a new or existing CFO for your small business then you should give this process some thought and not just jump into it without proper research. 


Sale is a tedious task that involves making numerous calls and following up on customers so that your team can close as many deals as possible. With time, your in-house staff might get overwhelmed and won’t generate as much revenue as they should sustain the company.

You could take the load off your staff by bringing in experienced sales firms with many years of experience. You can also outsource rebate processing services to craft a bespoke mail-in rebate program or a branded rebate web portal for your business. A good outsourced team will help your company close more deals and increase your profits. 

IT Management

Unfortunately, not everybody can be tech-savvy. However, every establishment needs to embrace technology to be one step ahead of the competition and keep abreast with current trends. IT has one of the largest global markets for outsourced services, meaning there is no shortage of tech gurus at your beck and call to help you with your technology-related problems and initiatives. every tech giant can take business owners insurance to keep their business secure in a critical situation.


An outsourced marketing agency can help spread the word about your business faster and more efficiently than your in-house team. These outsourced professionals have many years of experience under their belt and have a vast knowledge of the current trends in the market. They can also develop creative strategies that will help your target audience know more about your brand and the products you have to offer.

Wrapping up

In a nutshell, you don’t have to do everything yourself. Outsourcing can help you save precious time and resources while improving your productivity in the workplace. It will help your business grow faster!

John Peter

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