List Of The Best Portable Applications for PC

Today, many things are becoming portable – from a vacuum cleaner to portable computer programs. Check more details check keepitportable.

Portable programs or mobile versions of applications are designed to simplify the user’s work on your PC.

Portable programs are usually used on computers where installing foreign software is undesirable or impossible (both for security reasons and because of space constraints on the computer).

Advantages of using portable programs

Among the advantages of their use can be called:

  • Space-saving on the hard disk. It is possible to work with portable program without moving it to the computer – from the same disk or USB-drive (and even from a smartphone), where it was recorded;
  • No warning to start the application only under the administrator account. Most common applications require that you enter a password or have the appropriate permissions for the user. Portable versions eliminate this need;
  • Option to launch the application from any folder. Thus, you can place all such mobile programs in one folder or sort them out in any convenient way without fear that they will stop working.

Who is responsible for developing portable programs?

The production and distribution of portable applications are usually done by enthusiasts who want to make the software convenient not only for themselves but also for other network users.

Sometimes a portable program can be found on the official resources of manufacturers.

For example, Google releases the mobile Chrome browser, updating its versions with the same frequency as for the regular version.

Best portable applications

To download the best portable software, you should know which programs can be attributed to this category. There are quite a lot of options for such applications, and there may not be time to check the functionality and usability of each.

It is worth paying attention first of all to the following programs:

  • VLC Media Player Portable and MPlayer Portable allow you to listen to audio and watch a video without installing a particular player on your computer;
  • Portable AIMP or Audacity Portable is suitable for editing audio tracks;
  • You can edit video using VirtualDub Portable. It is quite functional not only for video capture and slicing but also for resounding movies;
  • Portable Recuva allows you to recover lost files even from a formatted disk quickly;
  • 7-Zip Portable, a free data compression application that can replace the WinRAR archiver (by default, paid);
  • GIMP Portable is a portable version of the program for editing images. Concedes the functionality of Adobe Photoshop (a mobile version of which can also be found on the network), but is suitable for home use;
  • XNView Full Portable – an application for viewing and editing almost any kind of images;
  • Portable DeepBurner 1.9 – a convenient and easy to use program for burning CDs and DVDs;
  • OpenOffice Portable. A package that has the same functionality as the regular version when working with documents. For example, working with texts, spreadsheets, and mathematical expressions;
  • AbiWord Portable – free and does not require installation on your computer, a replacement for the paid package of Microsoft Office;
  • Mozilla Firefox Portable, Opera USB Portable, and Chrome Portable – the same browsers that can already be installed on your PC, but more convenient. For example, thanks to the ability to use your favorite and familiar browser, being at someone else’s computer.

Portable, but unsafe

You can find dozens of versions of various portable applications and their kits on the web. But it is best to download them at the websites of the developers, not with strangers torrent trackers. From there, you can easily download the virus to your computer.

However, some users know from their own experience that portable software is often infected with malicious code. Using even a proven service to get a new version of the mobile program, do not forget to scan it with an antivirus.

Among other things, it is necessary to ensure the security of portable software. When connecting to other people’s computers, the information on the flash drive can be destroyed. Therefore, it is advisable to make a backup copy of such a disk.

In conclusion

The advantages of portable programs allow you to use them on any computer.

The range offered by developers of such software is wide enough to run and edit multimedia files, work with documents on the network, archive data, create images, and even recover lost files.

In most cases, such programs can replace versions that require installation. However, for your computer, in the absence of contraindications, you should choose regular applications that are more functional, faster, and stable.

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