Top 10 Amazing Face Recognition Apps of 2020 You Should Use

Face recognition can also be used in many niches starting from fun and security to medical applications. Cybersecurity is in great threat as cyberpunks and hackers are increasing day-by-day. User data is in great demand as everything is turning out to be online nowadays. Your online activities and personal data are vulnerable to these peeping toms. All days we are trying to secure our online data with different means starting from password protections. Creating unique passwords is a challenge and we can provide unique protection to our online activities with the help of biometric systems.

Mobile Biometrics

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The facial features of individuals are unique like fingerprints. These features can be used to provide ultimate protection to your data, making it impossible for hackers to peep into your pieces of information. You can avail of this protection with several face recognition apps available. Also with the face recognition app, you can search and identify similar images on social media platforms.

Face recognition is widely used in maintaining attendance, diagnosing disease, and in identifying criminals. Choosing the best face recognition app will provide your desired service is much important. This page will brief you about the best face recognition apps 2020 that will help you in choosing the better application.

Best Face Recognition App of 2020

1. Blippar

Blippar Face Recognition App

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Blippar, the outstanding augmented reality app is now recognizing faces for fun and joy. You can scan everything around you with this genuine app. The unique features of your face can be used to express yourself and you can add more features to your face as per wish.


  • Facial features into a digital format
  • Express your feelings as an animated personality.
  • Aura filter to enhance the visual score of your face
  • Compare your face to identify celebrity with similar facial features
  • Enhance and portrait your photography skills

2. Face2gene

Face3Gene Face Recognition App

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Being used in the medical field, Face2gene can evolve the medical field with the advancement of face recognition. This tool can convert the facial aspects of the patients into digital data. This best face recognition apps will introduce you to a new method of diagnosing. The doctors can compare the facial data of the patients with a huge database of facial digital data to identify the type of syndrome.


  • De-identified digital description
  • Face2Gene learning database
  • Secured data storage
  • Compliance with all privacy rules and standards
  • Deep learning algorithm

3. Luxand

Luxand Face Recognition App

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Luxand is the best face recognition app that can recognize all the facial features of your image. This tool can also analyze group photos to identify peoples available in the image. The outstanding tool can measure the dimensional features of your face.


  • Gender detection
  • Efficient face recognition
  • Face verification
  • Identifies the emotions
  • Predicts the age of the recognized face

4. Faceapp

Faceapp Face Recognition App

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Faceapp is an excellent face recognition app iPhone that can be downloaded for the iOS app store. This genuine tool integrates artificial intelligence with a face identification technique to analyze the visual score of your face.


  • Change the features of your photos
  • AI-enabled style identification
  • Single tap background editing
  • Advanced filter for colors, blur, and size
  • Age changing options

5. FacePhi

Facephi Face Recognition App

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Being the unique face recognition app for android, FacePhi is widely used in the banking sector. Banks use this excellent tool for identifying their customers and to enable safe banking through mobile. Facial aspects along with personal information can be used to secure all the financial activities.


  • Encrypted patterns with intelligent learning
  • Multi-device compatibility
  • Enhanced biometrics system
  • Voice biometric service
  • Electronic signature enabled security

6. BioID

BioID Face Recognition App

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BioID, with its advanced features, impresses a huge mass of peoples. This trustworthy app can be used as a mobile authenticator, and multifactor authenticator. This best face recognition app android can be used to secure information about employees, groups of users, and individuals.


  • Advanced face detection options
  • Excellent liveness detection
  • Secured employee access
  • Movement-based presence detection
  • Challenge-response to secure videos

7. FaceFirst

Facefirst Face Recognition App

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Identify yourself with the wonderful aspects of the FaceFirst face recognition app. This smart tool can convert the visual data captured from cameras into digital data to ensure security and privacy. This is a best-used tool for law and enforcement.


  • Advanced threat detection
  • Real-time alerts
  • Superior identity authentication
  • Cross-location intelligence
  • Mobile watch list functionality

8. LogME

LogMe Face Recognition App

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LogMe is a genuine face recognition app android that can perform a search based on the recognized facial features. Photos with similar visual scores can be identified from the LogMe community database. With celebrity face recognition app feature you will be able to find out the celebrity similar to your facial features


  • Advanced face extraction options
  • Superior search engine
  • Ability to upload a photo from social media
  • Interactive user interface
  • Social media enable search results

9. Railer

Railer Face Recognition App

Railer is an exclusive best face recognition app, that can be used for attendance management. With the face recognition attendance system, you will able to accurate attendance data. Also, the employee can manage their casual leave and get notified of important announcements.


  • Face-recognition enabled employee login
  • Efficient leave management feature
  • Advanced analytics and reporting
  • Ability to send push notifications

10. AppLock

AppLock Face Recognition App

Your data is required for using most of the social media applications. Applock genuine app can be used to secure the personal information by restricting the access to the specified applications. This genuine tool can also hide pictures and videos from the gallery and restrict user access to them.


  • Uses low memory
  • Enabled power-saving mode
  • Quick-lock and unlock switch
  • Customized background and profiles


Face recognition is widely used in many fields to secure data, and to get precise search results. Many software is available for recognizing the facial features of the user. With the help of the unique facial features, the user data can be secured. Visual aspects can be used as search terms to identify people around the unlimited web world. This page will enhance your view about the face recognition app and the various application for which they can be used.


1. How does face recognition works?

Face reorganization is a method of identifying the visual features of a human face and convert them into digital data. This technique analyzes images with the aid of the biometric system and compares them with the existing database of images to identify a person.

2. How accurate is a face recognition system?

Face recognition systems have complete precision over recognized facial futures and it can produce almost 99.97% accurate data of the interpreted image. This system can identify a hundred percent resemblance between the scanned image and identified the image.

3. How do I use Google's face recognition?

For searching Google database with uploaded image select image search in the Google search engine. After selecting, you will be able to locate a small camera icon at the top right corner. Update the photo that you want to search with the camera icon. Now the Google will search contents related to the uploaded image.

4. What are the benefits of using facial recognition?

Reliable security, Faster collaboration and processing, Easy identification, Higher confidentiality

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