Benefits of Data Arrangements in Singapore

In recent times, mobile data usage has become very popular and widespread. Users can connect to the internet round the clock with mobile data services such as Wi-Fi and 3G/4G LTE. However, some plans only allow a limited amount of internet usage for a specific period but require users to pay further fees if they wish to continue using data services after the allowed time.

Singapore is one of the countries in the world that offers a data-only plan. A data-only plan refers to mobile data that only provides data services without voice and SMS services. This type of plan is ideal for people who rely on their smartphones for Internet access but do not regularly make or receive calls or send text messages.

To attract more customers who were previously unsatisfied with their current providers, Telecom- Circles companies in Singapore have started offering data-only plans in Singapore that do not include voice calls or SMS within the plan’s limits. This is different from most existing prepaid or postpaid mobile plans, where voice call minutes and text messages are considered part of a customer’s monthly allowance.

Starhub’s latest offering, called “Social Prepaid,” offers unlimited data mobile plans that do not include voice minutes. The new data-focused plan came after its competitor M1 launched a similar service last month. However, unlike M1’s service, which offers 1GB of mobile data for S$5, Starhub is currently offering only 200MB at S$3 per day. Subscribers can also supplement their daily quota with extra top-ups as needed via credit card or debit card at 0.15 cents/MB and 300MB for S$20, respectively, under the terms and conditions of the offer.

For those who frequently use their smartphones for data-intensive activities such as streaming music and videos, browsing the internet, or using social media platforms, this plan may be a more cost-effective option compared to existing plans that come with voice minutes. The downside is that there is a daily limit on how much data can be used, so those who exceed the quota will have to pay 0.15 cents/MB for additional usage. This could add up quickly if one is not careful.

There are three main providers of data only plans in Singapore: Singtel, StarHub and Telecom- Circles. All providers offer a variety of data-only plans with different price points and data allowances. For example, Singtel’s basic data-only plan starts at S$15 per month and provides 1GB of data, while StarHub’s basic data-only plan starts at S$12 per month and provides 500MB of data.

The main benefit of data only plans in Singapore is its low price point. Compared to traditional mobile plans that include voice and SMS services, data-only plans are typically much cheaper. This is because the providers do not have to incur the costs of providing voice and SMS services, which are used less frequently than data services.

Another benefit of a data-only plan is that it can be used in any country where the provider has coverage. A data-only plan does not include voice or SMS services, typically used to make calls or send text messages within a single country. As such, a data-only plan is ideal for people who frequently travel. It provides them with Internet access without the need to purchase separate roaming plans or data-roaming dongles, which are expensive and inconvenient.

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