7 Things That Can Harm Your Domain Authority

When you are focusing on improving your domain authority (DA), it can be incredibly frustrating once you observe a sudden and abrupt decrease.

Focusing on some basic factors to make your score better isn’t typically a significant deal (upgrades can make your authority change).

By Utilizing a DA Checker online, if you find a large change in your domain authority, then you need to consider some important factors to restore it.

There are different actions that can affect your site’s DA negatively.

Below, we have discussed the things that dangerous to the domain authority of your site:

1. Suspicious links

Purchasing links and other questionable kinds of link building could be detrimental to your site’s domain authority.
Google has stated before that involved in link building campaigns will negatively affect your website’s ranking.

Moreover, you should confirm that:

  • You Shouldn’t purchase or sell links (you cannot provide free products in exchange for a connection)
  • You cannot do excess connection exchanges
  • You cannot use tools that can generate links to Your Website

This sort of link building strategies will harm your domain authority and also your site’s ranking on the different search engine.

You have to avoid being included in any connection approaches. You shouldn’t purchase links because Google may penalize your site by placing your site on the least pages of SERP.

2. Too many low-quality backlinks

Spammy websites will frequently link to your website expecting to gain their ranks. This may be detrimental to a DA. If Google penalizes a website, it’ll appear at other websites that the site is connected to.

For SEO along with your DA, it is always preferable to maintain your website as far as you can, from spammy websites.

You need to check your incoming links and take action to remove any spammy website links.

This is possible by requesting the search engine using the Search console to remove the link to your site. Moreover, if you feel a backlink is completely irrelevant to your site, you should avoid owning this backlink because it would be considered low-quality and it will decrease your DA.

3. High Amounts of rich anchor text

In a way where anchor text helps you to rank over specific keywords, it can also harm your site’s ranking.

Employing wealthy keyword anchor texts may considerably damage your positions and DA. Your anchor text aids search engine know what your website is all about.

High Amounts of rich anchor text

If your site profile is full of the same anchor keywords, search engines such as Google will assume you are intentionally attempting to improve your rankings for this keyword.

Google does not like this and it may cost you penalties.

That is the reason you need to avoid using the same anchor texts all of the time and then dilute your anchor texts along with other relevant texts.

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4. Outdated site

Deficiency of action at the backend of your site can be damaging to your DA.

For example, if you haven’t updated your site for long then it might affect your site’s domain authority. Even if you aren’t updating your blog page, it will be a bad factor for your site’s DA.

Google has said it will provide higher rankings to websites that have consistent and beneficial articles.

In case you have updated your site for months, your website will be considered outdated and generally, outdated information is not beneficial.

Outdated site

In defense of this, you ought to be writing new content on your site. That is the reason why blogs are beneficial.
Composing regular posts promotes research engines to crawl your site more frequently and shows you’ve got new and up-to-date information.

5. Keyword Stuffing

The same as precisely the keyword anchor texts, then stuffing your website with the same keywords are going to have detrimental results on your DA.

Now you should avoid doing so, it is a fundamental search engine optimization factor.

Whether you are writing landing page content and blog articles, you have to adhere to your keyword 3-5 times only.
Google is going to have the ability to tell exactly what your website is all about by simply analyzing the content in it, so you do not have to fill in as many keywords as possible.

Remember, you can use synonyms to your primary keyword but using the main keyword itself, again and again, will cause Black Hat optimization to your site.

6. Up-to-Date SEO

Search engines are constantly changing. Google, by way of instance, is frequently releasing new updates to boost its usability.

In recent years, Google gave a deadline for many websites to be mobile-friendly. And lately, Google declared another mobile-friendly statement, saying cellular responsiveness is an important ranking element for websites.

It is important to stay up-to-date with the newest search engine policies so that your website isn’t penalized.

Doing SEO in your website isn’t merely a single task, but it requires adapting regularly to be certain everything is functioning correctly. Your DA and positions will endure the consequences in case your SEO isn’t managed efficiently.

It is quite better to obtain the service of an SEO agency to keep your site updated with SEO in case you are not able to manage it.

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7. Slow Loading Speed

Your website speed is just another ranking factor and it might influence your domain authority.

Websites that have too many high-resolution pictures, ads, links, and attributes that slow their own loading time will probably lose higher ranking positions. Users do not like slow sites and similarly, Google hates slow loading speed.

Slow loading speed

There are different ways to optimize the speed of your site while it would be a benefit for you to use Google’s Page Insight to know the speed.

The best way to speed up your site is by compressing your graphics and some other elements from the backend of your site.

Do not over stuff that your webpages with too many videos and images. Advertisements can reduce your website speed and, in this regard, you should avoid getting tons of advertisements (too many ads can create your site look spammy).

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