Why does Google Sucks and What Can You Do Rather In 2021

Nowadays, we opt to find everything online. Search engines are handy tools that can help you with your online search. We have a wide variety of search engines available to choose from. Out of all these gadgets, Google is the most useful search tool. A huge crowd of nut surfers around the world is using Google for browsing online. However, the platform has some negative sides to consider. We have briefed the reasons why Google sucks in this post. You can make use of these insights to realize the facts about the search engine and can choose

Let  Us Learn Why Google Sucks

  • Google Relies on SEO Practices

Google believes in SEO codes to a greater extent. You have to work with SEO tweaks to get a better ranking in Google search results. But unfortunately, some business sites are spending more money to unethically get into the first page of the Google search results. It makes the Google results unreliable as it ranks the paid sites on the first page of the search outputs.

  • Google Tracks your Online activities

A very annoying activity on Google is its privacy policy. Yes, it watches you all time and everything you do online. Even though it helps you in your personalized ad preferences, it sucks when it comes to privacy. You won’t be having complete solitude online when you are using Google search engines. It makes Google sucks now and forever. 

  • Inappropriate Search Suggestions

Google claims to use the user activity data to provide relevant suggestions for us. However, it was not the case in real time. The Google search suggestions are inaccurate as it shows many unnecessary advertisements to you. Sometimes you may have ads about the things you have not searched for, and this makes Google sucks. 

  • Poor Google Indexing Ability

Google is using indexing to rank a site. Unfortunately, more spammers are cracking the indexing abilities of Google to get a better ranking in search engine results. It makes the results inappropriate and inaccurate. Also, Google is giving importance to the size of the content rather than the quality. It can enable the hackers to rank higher in Google. 

  • Google Search Result Relevance

Google search engine is providing better suggestions for your search terms. However, when your search words are lengthy, Google will show results for only a few keywords. You can experience this in real-time while using longer keywords in the Google search engine. In this regard, Google sucks with the search engine results. 

  • Google Hangout Sucks

Google is having poor voice chat and video chat abilities right from the beginning. Starting from Google talks to Google Hangouts, all the video chatting tools of Google lack user-friendliness and ease of usage. Changing application names and terminating older tools makes Google sucks. The product you used several years before will not be available right now if you rely on Google applications. 

  • Poor Customer Assistance

For any online tool, customer support is a crucial thing, Google sucks in it addon-doesn’t we’ve any real-time customer care service. You have to rely on automated customer support while using Google service. A chatbot will not be able to answer all our queries and this makes Google sucks now in assisting customers. 

  • Storage Space Requirements

It will be hard to believe but, Google chrome can occupy more of your system resources. Yes, as you use more Chrome extensions, it may consume a huge amount of system memory. You have to restrict accumulating more chrome add-ons to restrict the space occupied by it. As Google sucks in system resource requirements, you can try using alternative tools for browsing online. 

  • Recaptcha Process Sucks

Google sucks in creating user-friendly Captcha codes. Captcha codes can ensure online safety and can protect your website from hackers. But it should be convenient for the user to identify it. Google captcha images are confusing and of poor quality. You will be finding it difficult to identify the Google security codes and this may affect the user-friendliness of Google. 

  • Google Search Filters Sucks

Google Search Filters Sucks

Most of us rely upon Google search for browsing online. We can make our search more precise with the aid of search filters. You can view all results, search for news, images, books, videos, and many more in Google search. But the tricky part here is Google keeps on shuffling the order of search filters. The order of Google search terms you find in one tab will not be available in the next tab. It may affect the user-friendliness of Google. 

Top Alternatives For Google 

As we have discussed how Google sucks now in its functionality, ease of usage, and customer support, we can try using alternative tools for Google. Here is the list of best available substitutes that you can use instead of Google. 


Bing Search

Microsoft owns and operates Bing, an online search engine. It evolved from Microsoft’s prior search engines, MSN Search, Windows Live Live Search, and subsequently Live Search. Bing provides several relevant searches like web, video, picture, and map search solutions. 

Being a product of Microsoft Bing search engine is reliable and has superior functionalities. The search results of Bing are user-specific and reliable. It can suggest suitable Microsoft products as per your requirement. The video searching abilities of Microsoft Bing are better. The tool can suggest you better search outputs when you try locating a wide. 

Start Page

Start page search

Startpage is a search engine that focuses on users’ online privacy. The website claims to provide Google search results while respecting users’ privacy by not keeping personal information or search data. It can prevent hackers from accessing your private information online. Startpage.com also has a Private View surfing option. It will permit customers to access search results through a proxy for more privacy.

The key feature of the Start page is that you can acquire Google search results without revealing your personal information. The Start page will not track your IP address or location data. It makes the search engine more secure and reliable. 


Yahoo Search Engine

Yahoo is the oldest search engine in the world, holds a considerable amount of users. The user interface of the tool may be very simple. But, the outputs of Yahoo search are reliable and more accurate. Yahoo search will allow users to browse in floating windows. You can use Yahoo shortcuts to perform searches using only a mouse and you can obtain search results in a floating window. 

Yahoo can also secure all your search activities with the aid of Search Scan. This add-on tool can protect you from viruses and malware available on the websites you are accessing. 


DuckDuckgo Search Engine

DuckDuckgo is a search engine platform that gives more importance to the user’s privacy. This search engine can compile search results from Yahoo, Bing, and many more to provide more accurate results for the users without affecting their privacy. DuckDuckgo can provide you with instant answers to your search queries. Instant answers can be viewed easily without accessing any websites.   

DuckDuckgo will not show any pop-ups while using it and this makes it a better solution than Google itself. 

Search Encrypt

Search Encrypt

Search Encrypt is a reliable search engine that values user privacy more. The tool may block searches that can be tracked and can redirect them to privacy-engaged search engines for protecting your data. Search encrypt can offer you the ultimate security with SSL encryption and AES 256 bit encryption.

Your search history in the Search Encrypt will also be cleared in thirty minutes and it makes the tool more reliable and trustworthy.


Yandex Search Engine

With a reliable and easy-to-use interface, the Yandex search engine has a wide group of users across the world. Search results are framed based on the user’s location and information. You can obtain the most relevant results while using this search engine. The tool can detect online threats and can warn you about potentially harmful websites. 

Yandex ranks the sites with the number of third-party links available on the site. The search engine can offer hints while typing your search queries in the platform. 

Bottom Line

Google is used by a huge crowd of people. Apart from the addictive features, nowadays Google sucks for several reasons. It makes us search for a new reliable search engine that can keep our privacy safe. We have briefed the reasons why Google sucks now in the post for you. You can use one of the best alternatives to use using the insights provided in the brief.

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