The Best Football Coaches

Football is a sport where you should pay attention to many factors to place bets on the 22Bet mobile right. Coaches are one of the most essential factors, and these ones are those who’ve won the biggest number of titles. 

Pep Guardiola

After a career as a footballer, Guardiola took up coaching, and in 2008 he was already at the head of Barcelona. He made radical changes to the team, using risky strategies to achieve success, which eventually paid off. In total, Pep won 14 titles in 4 years of work in the Catalan team.

In 2013, Guardiola became the head coach of Bayern Munich. At this club, he worked for 3 years and managed to win 7 trophies. Today the manager is coaching English Manchester City. Good funding from the owners of the club allows the Spanish trainer to acquire many star players to make this team the strongest club in the world.

His work is actively discussed by famous football experts from around the world. Guardiola has proved the style of the game, which is characteristic of the Spanish national team and Barcelona. He is a brilliant coach, strategist, tactician, and innovator.

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Carlo Ancelotti

In the 21st century, Carlo Ancelotti is the only coach to have won the UEFA Champions League 3 times. The Italian has won twice with AC Milan (2003, 2007) and once with Real Madrid. This coach has worked with many famous European teams and won different trophies at different levels with them. 

José Mourinho

All the clubsJosé Mourinho has worked with have always had a solid defensive line. He preferred to have physically tough players, but he did not abandon technical persons with excellent dribbling. Mourinho has worked at Porto, Inter, Chelsea and Real Madrid. He currently works at Tottenham Hotspur. The Portuguese has won two Champions League titles with Porto and Inter. After an unsuccessful second term at Chelsea London, José signed for Manchester United, with whom he won the Europa League.

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Antonio Conte

Conte is a tactician. He pays a lot of attention to the formation before matches against opponents of different levels. He likes versatile players who clearly carry out his setup. In the 2011/12 season, he won Serie A with Juventus Turin without a single defeat. Over the next 3 years, Antonio won the Serie A title without fail, and then took charge of the Italian national team. With the Italy national football team things didn’t go well for the mentor. He dropped out with the team in the quarterfinals of Euro 2016 after which he resigned.

Then Antonio Conte was invited to manage Chelsea in London. The Italian spent a brilliant season with the club, becoming Premier League champion. There is no doubt that Conte is one of the greatest managers of our time.

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