Some Untold Hacks of Recruiting IT Professionals

“Hire people who are smarter than you are—whose talents surpass yours—and give them opportunities for growth. It’s the smart thing to do, and it is a sign of high personal humility.”  – Bruna Martinuzzi (Author of ‘The Leader as a Mensch: Become the Kind of Person Others Want to Follow’)

The current recruitment industry is getting smarter and advancing in its hiring approach. As a result, many researchers claim online job posting as one of the most common ways of welcoming new talents. Furthermore, studies reveal that some of the most useful recruitment channels, evaluated in terms of hiring applicants, were candidates sourced via internal applicants. 

It showed a huge impact on the recruitment statistics of many countries, including – New Zealand, the United States, etc. Statistics reveal that the overall employment rate in New Zealand is 62.90% (on average). This reached its peak in the past two years or so, making a record of 68.20%. Studies claim it is the direct result of introducing new hiring approaches in the system. 

The current trends of the recruitment world

We live in the digital world, and we can see its influence on the recruitment industry as well. As a result, we see many advanced ways to hire potential candidates, but it has somewhat multiplied the overall number of challenges. The most common ones include – surfing through a series of applications, sorting hundreds of applications received for a vacancy, and much more. 

Moreover, not every company has dozens of HR professionals to sail through the application classification process. Plus, you can’t expect every company to be able to afford an ATS (application tracking system) to wave of incompetent applications in the beginning. 

All of these factors require HR professionals to remain more conscious and attentive towards the right hiring process – because that’s what can break or make a business reputation in the marketplace. The overall employee recruitment process is all about evaluation, keeping patience, and accelerating your judgment skills. 

Here are some effective Recruiting hacks waiting for you.

1 – Prefer someone with a career commitment –

When searching for the right candidate for your organization, you may come across many candidates belonging to different work approaches and perspectives. While some may be concerned about their professional life decisions, others may take their job for granted. 

As a responsible HR professional, you should be proficient enough to make the right hiring decisions. Evaluate the candidate in different terms, including background (past professional experiences), interests, skill set, certifications or additional achievements, and much more.

2 – Evaluate for learning and overall analytical skill set –

Here, you will realize the importance of predefined recruitment processes encompassing evaluation tests. Use different approaches to judge candidates’ analytical skills and learning potential to prove them as a perfect fit for the organization. This may require evaluating a profile beyond the resume and confidence shown at the time of the face-to-face interview. This step is essential because most resumes often contain lies.

3 – Analyze the compatibility factor –

Your focus should be on finding an employee who gels up with your organization’s culture from the beginning. This will require you to analyze the candidate beyond the resume. Such compatibility factors turn into a major challenge when you are thinking of welcoming a candidate from off-shores. 

For instance, a Christchurch-based company’s protocols and policies will be different from Hamilton’s. Therefore, you need to brief the policies and work protocols from the beginning. This promotes complete transparency and helps win the trust of candidates.

The ideal way to be location-centric and still exhibit JD is to include location in the description. Thus, rather than mentioning ‘IT professionals required for XYZ company,’ write ‘IT jobs in Christchurch in XYZ company’ or so. All in all, the major goal is to disclose the company protocol or local area work culture in advance. 

4 – Continue working on the hiring process –

Whether you are hiring for a fortune 500 company or for a start-up venture, the hiring process is considered from day one. Your efficient hiring process is one of the biggest signs for the candidates to feel engaged and valued. Here are some secret tips to follow here – 

  • Stick to meaningful and relevant questionnaires rather than sounding irrelevant in the interview. The major focus should be on questions revolving around knowledge, skill set, the candidate’s overall potential, capabilities, confidence, work attitude, and much more. 
  • Develop a complete panel of interviewers to sound more professional in your hiring approach. This will shorten the recruitment process while letting the decision-making professionals collectively decide. 
  • Update the job description as accurately as you can. It should be straightforward with no fluff wasting the reader’s time. Mention everything required, from the technical skills to academic background. 
  • Introduce some ATS (applicant tracking systems) to wind up the recruitment cycle faster without letting the potential candidates go away. This requires altering the application classification process wisely. If required, seek help from recruitment professionals from a third party. 

5 – Invest in interns –

Most of you may disagree with this point until you get to know about its perks. Hiring interns is a way of upgrading your operational efficiency without burning a hole in the company’s pocket. Interns starting their careers with an organization are likely to be their long-term employees. 

6 – Connect socially – Seeking answers to some personal questions during the interview is a big ‘NO.’ We understand your curiosity about knowing the candidate well, but when you can do it another way, why ask directly? Connect with your potential candidates on different social media channels to get the insights and make a wise decision. 

The final word –

The hiring cycle comes with many obstacles, especially when you are new to this world. It requires you to be proficient in many departments ranging from writing a precise JD (job description) to setting appropriate sets of tests for the candidates. This needs improving and altering your hiring process every now and then. Make sure you develop the changes based on the current market scenarios.

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