How To Get It Right with Outsourcing Software Development

Software outsourcing is the process through which a company hires a third party to develop customized software solutions. Some of the known benefits of outsourcing software development include the ability to beef up your in-house team, access to specialized talents and skillsets, increased flexibility at the workplace, and reduced time to market your products. You must evaluate and select your vendors with great care to avoid losses mishaps in the future. This article will discuss some of the factors that will help get it right with outsourcing software development. 

Look for proof of accreditation and certification

An excellent way to prove that an outsourcing company is authentic is to confirm that it is certified and accredited by industry standards. Ensure you look for accreditation such as ISO 9001 and ISO 27001, which cover systems and data security. Knowing that your outsourced team is accredited will give you peace of mind that they will complete your project satisfactorily.

Beware of cheap rates

As the saying goes, cheap is expensive. Even though you are on a budget, you must never sacrifice the quality of your project for a lower price. If you are too quick to accept rock-bottom rates, you are bound to spend more money on repairs in the future. We recommend striking a balance by finding a software development firm that charges a fair price for high-quality work.

Select the right outsourcing model

The three main outsourcing models in software development are project-based, dedicated developer, and staff augmentation, models. You can go for nearshore, offshore, or onshore models in terms of vendor locations. For instance, you could look into the best app development companies UK, if you are in the country or within this time zone. Ensure you do extensive research to determine which model will best suit your project. The type of outsourcing model you will choose will also depend on your budget and the size of your project. 

Establish a suitable communication style

Good communication is of utmost importance, especially if you hire an offshore vendor. There are many digital tools such as Skype, Zoom, and Google meet that can enhance communication between you and your vendors to reduce the occurrence of misunderstandings or miscommunication. Remember that excellent communication improves the quality of your outsourced project.

Find out whether the vendor has professional liability insurance

Unlike general liability, which covers physical injury or damage to your property, professional liability insurance protects your business from abstract risks such as claims of financial losses. For instance, external issues such as natural disasters, bankruptcy, or pandemics could prevent your project from actualizing. Professional liability insurance will help your business recover from any loss without threatening business continuity.

Reach out to their references

Outsourcing your software development could be a costly venture. It would be a shame to entrust your project to a team that will let you down and produces low-quality results. You also want to ascertain the outsourced team has dealt with a similar case like yours before. We recommend perusing through the vendor’s reference portfolio and finding out their previous client’s experience and whether they were satisfied with their work. Please be on the lookout for any complaints or negative feedback.

Ascertain your outsourcing vendor is using the latest technology

It is also best to choose an outsourcing vendor familiar with any programming language you might need to use to complete your software development project. You should also ensure that the vendor’s software processes align with those in your company.

Ensure your outsourced team understands your requirements

It would be far-fetched of you to expect high-quality results when your outsourced team doesn’t have a clear picture of what you need. Ensure you schedule a meeting where you outline clearly what you need and how the outsourced team will help you achieve your organizational goals. When you define your requirements from the project’s onset, your offshore team will also be better positioned to determine the best technological tools to help fulfill your needs. 

Send out an RFP to potential partners

An effective way to source outsourcing development vendors would be to prepare a list of potential partners you think would be a perfect match for your company. The next step would be to send out a Request for Proposal to each vendor on your list. Potential vendors who meet your requirements will respond to your RPP by submitting viable business proposals.

Find out whether they offer post-development support

Your software project is bound to develop technical problems in the future. Once you are satisfied with your outsourced team’s work, inquire whether they have provisions for post-development support via call or email. If not, you could request them to train your in-house staff to be better positioned to solve issues that arise in the future. 

Ensure the vendor has a strict privacy policy

Since you want to outsource your software development project to an offshore company, you will most likely share your sensitive company information. Before you hire the outsourced team, ensure they have working security policies in place to keep your data safe from hackers and malware. Be extra cautious and ask them to show you how they will protect your data. 

Run a trial project

A trial project is an excellent way to test the capabilities of your outsourced firm before you hire them to tackle your software development project. This trial also helps you assess their functionality and how well they communicate. Even though you might need to invest your time and resources, you will have a clear picture as to whether or not you want to continue working with the vendors by the end of the trial project. 

Final remarks

As you plan to outsource vendors to help you with software development. It is best to consider cultural factors such as language barriers and time zones for offshore vendors. Try to embrace their culture and understand why they do what they do to prevent any misunderstandings. In a nutshell, take your time in the selection process to hire a team you can trust to deliver your project on time.

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