6 Social Media Marketing Tools You Must Have in 2022

Gone are the days when product or service marketing campaigns consisted of salesmen going door to door distributing flyers. Nowadays marketing is all online.

A major part of online marketing is social media marketing in which businesses market their products and services on various popular social mediums. But is it as easy as posting content and letting the likes start rolling in?

Social media has completely evolved and accelerated the way we communicate. It is now far easier, far quicker, and extremely cost-effective to connect with other people from around the world.

Businesses go where their target market is – since the world adopted the social media platforms as their primary source of entertainment, information, and communication, businesses followed suit.

Social media marketing, just like any other marketing, is strategic and carefully crafted. It is far more than posting a few attractive pictures and waiting for the magic to happen.

A successful social media strategy includes great content, proper planning, and most of all, the use of right social media tools.

Here are 6 of the best social media marketing tools you must have to achieve your marketing goals in 2022.

Content is the name of the game when it comes to social media. Well-written content has the power to drive in loads of traffic without risking you to spend a fortune.

Good content is the backbone of any marketing plan. No matter your business type, however, you need to have other elements of the marketing plan like paid advertising and SEO to make the content count. If you are running, say, a self-storage business and are looking for self storage technology solutions to expand your business, then you should hire experts who can help you with not only building killer content but also create the plan that will put you in front of millions of relevant end users. 

Moreover, not all content is created same. Video posts bring in 38% more engagement than photos, with short-form videos having higher retention rates. That’s where Biteable comes in.

Create engaging and informative short videos with Biteable and bring in tons of traffic to your page.

Some of the most attractive features of Biteable are listed below:

  • Free Video Templates, Music Options, and animation
  • Most features are free
  • The premium package is very cost-effective

All these features make Biteable a very reasonably priced option for businesses that don’t want to invest a large sum to produce high-quality videos.

  • Buffer

Originally marketed as a scheduling tool for Twitter, Buffer now manages several stages of a social media marketing process for all the major social media platforms.

It’s a popular choice among small businesses and individuals who are looking to streamline their social media processes at a reasonable cost.

It’s an all-around social media toolkit to help small businesses plan, publish, analyze, and navigate their social media marketing journey effectively.

Some key features of Buffer are listed below:

  • Share content or add content from the Internet to your buffer queue
  • Analyze the performance of the shared content
  • Create a posting schedule
  • Shorten the links you share automatically
  • Reply to posts

Buffer also boasts a very user-friendly dashboard that lets you streamline your social media without any hassle.

  • Hootsuite

Probably the most popular tool on this list, Hootsuite is used by over 15 million people. It is also a favorite of the Fortune 1000 companies.

The reason for its popularity is its versatility and ease of use. Hootsuite lets you manage multiple social media accounts through one login on a single dashboard.

Hootsuite offers the following key features:

  • Team Collaborations
  • Streamlined Approval Process
  • Analyze Brand Keyword Mentions
  • Create a Social Media Calendar
  • Schedule Updates
  • Integrates With Major Social Media Platforms and Blog Forums
  • Curate And Schedule Content

A unique feature of Hootsuite is that it boasts a Hootsuite Academy, through which users can access free and online social media courses to polish their marketing skills.

  • Awario

A marketer’s job involves handling the full spectrum of a social media experience, and it does not end with content creation and publication.

A major step that follows these processes is that of monitoring. Effectively monitoring the user response to your posts gives you the insight you need to optimize your social media strategy.

Awario is one such social media listening tool that lets you know what people are saying about your business.

Awario offers the following features at very cost-effective rates:

  • Spot mentions of your brand keywords on all the popular social media platforms including Reddit
  • Categorizes the mentions according to their tone i.e., positive, negative, or neutral
  • creates author reports based on the mentions

Awario also shows a list of social media influencers – something that is getting popular these days when it comes to bringing in targeted sales.

  • Talkwalker

If Awario is for individuals and small businesses, Talkwalker is for large enterprises with a huge budget that want only the best when it comes to analyzing user behavior and response.

Key features of Talkwalker include:

  • Content Analysis
  • Team Communications
  • Real-time alerts
  • Platform management
  • Data intelligence

Talkwalker boasts a vast data set that not only includes social media, blog forums, and news platforms but also TV, broadcast, and print.

Talkwalker incorporates image recognition, behavior analysis, Google Analytics data, and social media information into its system and creates the most exhaustive audience report.

  • AdEspresso

Social media advertisement is all about trial and error. Some of your best ads may fail to perform well while the most basic ads may bring in heavy traffic. It is entirely based on testing what works best for the audience.

Continually testing, and altering your ad sets and campaign strategy according to ever-evolving user responses can be overwhelming, especially when it’s all happening in real-time.

That’s where AdEspresso comes in. Once you add in your campaign and targeting details, AdEspresso runs ad analysis in real-time and eliminates the guesswork that comes with it.

AdEspresso lets you create and manage ads, all while your campaign is live. Test different headlines, images, call to action, ad copy and so much more, all through a single dashboard.

See What Works for You

Social media marketing strategies vary a lot depending upon budget, company size, and the desired results. Different strategies require different sorts of social media tools. Assess your goals and needs, and then choose the right set of tools for your campaigns. What works for one may not work for the other. Selecting the right tools will not only increase your sales but also streamline the otherwise time-consuming tasks.

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