Mastering Time: Introducing Reclaim AI

Reclaim AI is your go-to scheduling automation companion. It seamlessly integrates with Google Calendar to enhance your time management skills. The best part? It’s designed to be user-friendly, ensuring a smooth experience for all, regardless of their tech-savvyness. 

  • Be it orchestrating meetings, organizing tasks, fostering habits, or scheduling breaks, Reclaim AI identifies optimal slots for each endeavor, ensuring heightened productivity and efficiency.
  • When it comes to fostering habits, Reclaim AI can help you schedule regular time for activities such as exercise, reading, or learning, making it hassle-free for you to stick to your goals and improve your personal and professional development. 
  • Reclaim AI’s intuitive interface and powerful capabilities empower you to take charge of your scheduling journey, enabling you to concentrate on your key business goals with confidence.
  • With Reclaim AI by your side, you can navigate the complexities of your calendar with confidence and clarity, unlocking newfound levels of productivity and success.
  • Reclaim AI’s adaptive algorithms are always at work, continuously analyzing your schedule and making dynamic adjustments for evolving priorities.
  • These algorithms consider factors such as your work patterns, meeting preferences, and personal habits to create a schedule that works best for you. Experience the convenience of effortless scheduling and reclaim control of your time with Reclaim AI.

With Reclaim AI, say goodbye to the chaos of scheduling and say hello to a harmonized and productive day ahead. 

Cultivating Productivity: Essential Features of Reclaim AI

  • Smart Scheduling: Let Reclaim AI analyze your calendar and find the optimal times for your meetings, tasks, habits, and breaks.
  • Google Calendar Integration: Sync seamlessly with Google Calendar to keep all your events and appointments in one place. 
  • Customizable Preferences: Tailor Reclaim AI to your unique scheduling preferences and priorities.
  • Time Tracking: Reclaim AI’s time-tracking feature provides valuable information about how you spend your time and identifies areas for improvement.

Peeping Into Reclaim AI’s Functioning in Action:


Here’s a look at the working process of Reclaim AI:

Step 1 Sync Your Calendar: Begin by seamlessly integrating Reclaim AI with your Google Calendar, initiating a harmonized scheduling experience.

Step 2 Tailor Your Preferences: Personalize your scheduling criteria to align with your unique priorities and preferences, ensuring a tailored approach to time management.

Step 3 Automate Your Scheduling: Entrust Reclaim AI to analyze your calendar autonomously, identifying optimal slots for meetings, tasks, habits, and breaks, streamlining your workflow effortlessly.

Step 4 Maximize Productivity: Harness the power of Reclaim AI’s intelligent scheduling algorithms to maintain peak productivity levels, enabling you to navigate your day with confidence and efficiency.

Unlocking Value: Reclaim AI Pricing Plans:

We have a perfect pricing plan according to your individual business needs. 

PlanPrice per Seat/MonthMax UsersScheduling LinksSmart MeetingsAttendee Users per SeatCalendar SyncIntegrationsFeatures


Free111N/A1LimitedTime Tracking, Tasks, 3-week range



Up to 10






People Analytics, 8-week range



Up to 100






Delegated Access, 12-week range


Contact Sales







SSO, SCIM, 12-week range, Delegated Access

Unpacking the Common Concerns About Reclaim AI:

1. Is Reclaim AI compatible with Google Calendar?

Yes, Reclaim AI seamlessly integrates with Google Calendar, ensuring all your events and appointments are synced across platforms.

2. Can I customize my scheduling preferences with Reclaim AI?

Absolutely! Reclaim AI allows you to tailor your scheduling preferences based on your unique priorities and preferences.

3. How does Reclaim AI help me optimize my time?

Reclaim AI analyzes your calendar to find the best times for your meetings, tasks, habits, and breaks, ensuring maximum productivity and efficiency.

4. Does Reclaim AI offer time-tracking features?

Yes, Reclaim AI includes time-tracking features that provide information about how you spend your time, helping you identify areas for improvement and optimization.

Reclaim AI Helps You Keep Yourself on Schedule for Important Activities

Stay on track with key commitments by leveraging Reclaim AI’s smart scheduling capabilities. Never miss a beat with automated reminders that notify you of upcoming tasks and meetings.

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