5 Games Like PUBG That You Didn’t Know About

PUBG Mobile is a fantastic game, and I’m sure that the vast majority of people enjoy it as well. It’s been on the top of the charts on the App Store and the Google Play store for months and months on end. Millions of people enjoy playing this game. But what if they got bored after a while? What if they played a faulty couple of matches and wanted to try something a little bit different?

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Today, I’m going to talk about 5 iOS/ android games, similar to PUBG mobile that you can try out if you want a change of pace. This list isn’t in order, and I’m not saying any of these games are better than PUBG, because it’s tough to beat PUBG, but they are worth mentioning. Also, this is a non-sponsored content, so enjoy this content free of biased opinions. Let’s begin!

So, to start things off, the first game we’re going to dive into is :

1. Survival Royale:-

It was first released in November 2017. And by October 2018, the game had reached 230 million players worldwide. It is quite the solid battle Royale Game.

It’s a more budget version of PUBG.t Of course, the graphics aren’t going to be as good as PUBG, but maybe it’s something that you can try out if you’re experiencing a lot of lag, or your device can’t handle PUBG mobile.

It has a lot of the same weapons and has very similar controls, and it even has the ‘pan’ from PUBG mobile. And the only significant differences are the layout of the UI itself, the map, and the things like vehicles. There are pretty good vehicles, and I’d say this game puts a heavier emphasis on fights in the water with better ships and more sea throughout the map. Try it out for yourself!

Continuing onto another mobile battle royale game, that is arguably one of the most popular games right now, is a game called “Garena Free Fire”.

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2. Garena Free Fire:-

It is not the budget version of PUBG because it’s very comparable to PUBG in many different aspects. It’s a highly competitive mobile battles royale that a lot of big streamers are playing right now, and it’s also a lot different to PUBG in many aspects.

There are only 50 people in a regular match, and the games take 10 minutes, on average, as opposed to almost 30 for PUBG matches. So, it’s a lot more intense. There are a lot of different characters; you can play as, similar to what PUBG is beginning to do now.

A lot of different and smaller game modes like Toxic Zone, Rush Hour, Clash Squad, custom rooms, a changing map, monster trucks from airdrops, and tons of unique in-game items that set this game apart from PUBG. It is one of the best alternatives to PUBG, in my opinion.

3. Rules of Survival:-

It came up before PUBG mobile, so everyone who is hyped to play PUBG on their phones played this one first. The game has a unique set of characteristics, including multiple individual maps between 120 for the smaller map and 300 players in the bigger plan, in a battle royale match.

A lot of different weapons, game modes, vehicles, and a lot many things that you wouldn’t assume to be in this game. The developers added a silly aspect to Rules of Survival. If you’re looking for a more comedic version of PUBG mobile, this may be the game to tryouts.

Second, to last is another game called :

4. Cyber Hunter:-

Cyber Hunter is unique because it sort of combines PUBG mobile and fortnight mobile into ONE game. You have a lot more movement options, and this is why they call it ‘The Next Generation Of Battle Royale Games.’

If you like Parkour, this game has it. Climbing up walls, gliding from the tops of tall buildings and mountains and rolling your character to dodge enemies alongside a significant underground element to the map to a critical feature to this game, Quantum Cubes, that can be used to craft different tactical devices like ‘camouflage ability’ and ‘physical barriers,’ this game has a lot of amazing features.

Another big mobile battle royale game for iOS and Android :

5. Hopeless Land: Fight for Survival:-

You get 121 players and an intense battle royale match in lost lands. It’s got a heavy Asian influence with its map design. Also, you have a lot of great features such as excellent gameplay mechanics, reasonable control, and pretty amazing vehicles to control, such as helicopters.

The nice thing about Hopeless Land is that the developers stressed making this game available for all types of devices. So, if you can’t play Survival Royale or Crossfire Legends because of the lag issues in those games, then this game is probably your best bet in getting a game that works on your device.

Knives Out is another game that I’d like to mention. This game is super similar to “Rule of Survival” and was developed at the same time. It’s got better graphics than Rules of Survival, though. It has the same weapon physics, vehicle physics, and controls, but this game also has other unique modes worthy of mentioning; for example, there are a sniper battle game mode and team fights.

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